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Radley Collector Market Place

Yes, it’s true Radley fans.  We are in the process of creating a dedicated Market Place for Radley Products.

The Market Place will be a similar environment to the ever popular ebay but we will only allow items such as : Radley London Products, Tula Products, Hidesign Products, Radley advertising or promotional materials.

Fans have been asking us for a long time for a safe and secure area online that they can just buy Radley items. We have also had ebay sellers approach us asking about a Market Place where they can sell Radley without such high sellers fees, so they can still make their bread and butter for their income but offer Radley fans a much better deal on their prices.

So what will be on the Radley Collector Market Place ?

Sell Radley

Sellers will be able to list Radley products for sale. They will be able to list auctions and Buy Now listings.  Sellers will be able to offer fans better prices than other well known auction sites because they will have much lower fees at Radley Collector’s Market Place. They will also be getting dedicated traffic. Radley fans will be looking for Radley products to buy.

Buy Radley

Fans will be able to browse around the Radley Categories and look for Radley.  Because Radley Collector Market Place is dedicated to Radley products, you have a lot less categories to navigate and hopefully be able to find what you’re looking for much easier.

Swap Radley

Have a Radley item you want to swap, not just sell?  We also will have the option to add to a listing that you accept swaps. So you can either decide to accept cash or decide to accept an item swap.

Wanted Radley

Another service that makes our Radley Collector Market Place special is that we have an area where you can post adverts for wanted items.  We get so many collectors trying to find out from us where they can find certain items to add to their collections and so with this feature you can post a Wanted advert on our Market Place for FREE.  This means you can advertise what you are looking for, and it will be seen by Radley Collectors and you have a much better chance of finding the specific Radley item you want.

So what else is special about Radley Collector Market Place?

Addressing the needs of sellers of Radley – We have the option to import your ebay listings into our auction site. You can then go and edit the auctions to offer lower prices on our website because our fees are lower. This means sellers can offer better prices to the fans.
If fans get a better price from sellers on Radley Collector’s Market Place, buyers will return here and eventually sellers won’t need to list on ebay at all.  This way sellers on ebay can list here for FREE or very low fees, and build up their customer base.  We welcome Power Sellers to come and try us out to evaluate how much Radley Collector Market Place saves them in fees without losing sales from ebay.  We are confident that many sellers won’t need to list on ebay eventually, but we will keep this option available so sellers can test to see if this works well for them.

ebay Feedback can be imported – Feedback to sellers and buyers is very important. We realise Radley Collector Market Place is new and so it’s hard for sellers to convince buyers of their hard earned good reputation and vice versa.  We have the option, where you can paste in a unique code onto your eBay About Me page that will import your Feedback from eBay onto our Market Place. This means not only do you have feedback section for feedback earned while being on Radley Collector Market Place, you will also be able to see your eBay feedback and a link to your eBay page.

Sellers get LOW fees.
Because the Radley Collector Market Place is new and we have a lot less overheads than other auction sites, we can charge less fees for sellers.


The Radley Collector Market Place will not be charging any Listing fees**.


We will also not be charging any Final Listing Fees for items that sell below £49.99.

This means that if you want to sell small Radley Products you can list completely for FREE*
* – See full details and conditions below

* – Paypal Charges will still apply if that is your chosen Payment method.
* – This applies to basic listings and includes these optional listing extras:

Auction Duration Fee Free
Reserve Price Fee Free
Item Swap Fee Free
Wanted Adverts Free
Image Upload Fee Free
Make and Offer Fee Free
Buy Out Fee Free

* – If you chose to have any extras below then extra charges will apply:

Highlighted Item Fee Fee to be confirmed
Bold Item Fee Fee to be confirmed
Category Featured Fee Fee to be confirmed
Home Page Featured Fee Fee to be confirmed

Addressing the needs of Radley Buyers

Buyers can buy Radley at cheaper prices ! Because our sellers don’t have such high fees, it means they can offer the buyer a better price.
Buyers of Radley will have a Wanted area where they can post adverts for FREE for what they are looking for.
Buyers will be able to view sellers feedback from ebay so they can see how long the business seller for example has been selling and what feedback they have.
We also have a ‘report Abuse system’  to protect sellers and buyers.

When will the Radley Collector Market Place be open?

We are currently in Beta Tests on the Market Place so a lot is being tested and changed. We will announce as soon as we have a confirmed date.

What payment methods will be accepted?

PayPal and Cash on Collection.

Preview Images :

(subject to change as we are in Beta Tests)

Main Page:

Radley Collector Market Place Preview

A Look at the Auction Page layout:

Radley Collector Market Place Preview

Preview Store Front: (currently there are 6 templates to choose from)

Radley Collector Market Place Preview

Will my shopping be secure ? How do I tell?

Secure Internet Connections

How do you tell if the Internet connections are secure?

“Identity Theft” sometimes occurs when someone gets your credit card, bank account or social security number and buys goods or gets credit cards or loans in your name. This is a growing problem, so you should guard your personal information carefully, as that might allow a thief to impersonate you or use your credit.

Industry has developed technology that can scramble sensitive information, such as your credit card number, so that it can be read only by the merchant you are dealing with and your credit card issuer. This ensures that your payment information cannot be read by anyone else or changed along the way. There are several ways to determine if you have that protection when you are sending payment information on the web.

  • Look for the picture of the unbroken key or closed lock in your browser window. Either one indicates that the security is operative. A broken key or any open lock indicates it is not.
  • Look to see if the web address on the page that asks for your credit card information begins with “https:” instead of “http.”
  • Some web sites use the words “Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)” or a pop up box that says you are entering a secure area.

The Radley Collector Market Place will have SSL installed onto our servers and have a certificate. All your information will be protected by this.

We are very excited about the Radley Collector Market Place. If you have any questions you can use our contact us form here.

** We are offering free listings for an unspecified amount of time, this offer may change, but we will give sellers at least 30 days notice if this changes.  We don’t plan to change this, but may decide to put a small fee for listings.

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