Behind every website is a team that works hard to bring you all the content.

Our team at Radley Collector is no different. We work very hard to bring you all the Radley news and this one and only dedicated Radley London fansite.

So lets meet the Radley Team:

Marie – Owner – Radley Fan

Marie is a Radley fan and has been a collector of Radley for many years. Marie’s love of Radley began with Saturday shopping trips with her gran. Her gran Maureen would walk Marie around the Radley stands in the Leicester Fenwicks and very often would buy herself a Radley Treat. Her grans love of purses and Radley soon rubbed off onto Marie and Marie became a Radley lover. Marie started to collect Signature bags and realised while trying to research older Signature bags she did not own, that there was very scattered and non dedicated Radley information on the web for collectors. This is how first idea for the Radley Fansite began.

Marie - Radley Collector

Nigel – Owner – Techincal and Research

Nigel is our computer technician and Co-owner.  His computer/internet experience is so vast it would be too large to list here but lets just say his expertise covers everything Radley Collector would ever need. Nigel has a natural flair for correcting all Marie’s Spelling and grammar mistakes when she writes articles !


Nigel RadleyCollector

Dave – Camera Man and design

Dave is our talented camera and video guru. Our YouTube videos and some artwork have been created by him. Dave has a successful history with Youtube channels and is very talented with programs such as Photoshop. He is an integral part of the team and helps Radley Collector create the visual reviews. Handbags aren’t really his thing 😉 , but he works hard behind the scenes of Radley Collector .

Dave Radley Collector

Angela – Content Control and research

Angela is our proof reader. Angela is here to make sure all our articles are read through, make sense, no spelling mistakes and look good for the Radley fans to read. Angela also helps with the social media pages and on research.

Angela - Radley Collector

Sean – Administration and research

Sean works long hours researching Radley for us. He helps research when a fan asks a question if we do not know the answer straight away. He is the youngest member of the Radley Collector Team!

Sean Radley Collector

Ollie – Programmer


Ollie is a 18 year old certified Apple iOS and Mac Developer. He works for a variety of clients including RadleyCollector, others are under a non disclosure agreement. He is currently developing the RadleyCollector Marketplace and has been developing the RadleyCollector Directory. In his spare time he works on other projects for himself and his clients.

His Skills are -Objective-C Programming (Very Strong) C and C# (Strong) Microsofts .net Framework (Confident)

He has a strong knowledge in WebDevelopment also using the following languages – HTML5 CSS3 Javascript AJAX PHP ASPX SQL

Ollie’s Website can be found here

Fans and Contributors

We are also very lucky to have dedicated fans. Radley fans from all across the world send in their thoughts, questions, suggestions and ideas for the site. Without the fans we would not be as great as we are.

 Radley Collector is not a vast team of people but we all work long hours to give you the best possible Radley Fansite we can. We hope you continue to enjoy Radley Collector !