Victoria and Albert Museum

Radley Collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum Part One

Victoria and Albert Museum

Radley collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum – 2011

Towards the end of 2011 Radley joined forces and collaborated with the Victoria and Albert Museum to create an exclusive collection of exquisite handbags and accessories. The designs highlighted British design and craftsmanship at its finest.

Radley was granted exclusive access to the Museum’s collection of textiles, graphics, photography, jewellery and fashion, which are among the finest and most comprehensive in the world.

By looking through the vast collections of decorative art and design at the Victoria and Albert Museum Radley produced a range of bags and accessories. These were adapted from a variety of British textiles and illustrations from historic fashion magazines.

Radley London is a brand that takes pride in its British heritage.  Collaborating with such an iconic British institution of art and design was truly a high point in Radley history.

Within this collaboration Radley produced some eye catching and excellent collections to attract many Radley fans. The collections had beautiful textured leathers, bursting with patterns and colour and show a true tribute to British art and design history.

The Radley and Victoria and Albert Museum Ranges

Circus Dog

To produce the design for Circus Dog, Radley was inspired from elements from a patterned fabric called ‘fun and games‘ and added Radley the dog to the bursting patterns. The original novelty design dress fabric was produced by the Calico Printers’ Association in 1936

V & A original Fabric design            Radley’s interpretation

v-and-a-museum                      radley circus dog

Products in the Radley Circus Dog Range:

Radley Ladies Watch RRP: £65.00

Radley CircusRadley CircusRadley Circus

Large flapover purse RRP: £55.00


Organiser bag £45.00

Radley CircusRadley CircusRadley Circus

Foldaway tote bag RRP £18.00

circus foldaway tote

Umbrella RRP: £22.00


What Radley Collector Says:

Radley Circus Dog is a small range but it has the nice key products in it. We see this alot these days on Ebay and such second hand sites and some places that sell watches still sell the ladies circus watch as new. Tote bags also show up very often on Ebay New with Tags.  The design on the purses is a little plain for us at RC, but ladies that prefer a simple design on there purses will like this.

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Champagne Bubbles

The Radley Champagne Bubbles range was available in leather, oilskin or nylon and the vibrant decorative pattern was inspired from a furnishing fabric produced by the Calico Printers’ Association in the 1920s. Radley the Scottie dog has been added into this print, to give it a fun twist.

V & A original Fabric design                Radley’s interpretation

Radley champagne bubbles     Radley champagne bubbles

Products in the Radley Champagne Bubbles Range:
(Some products came in Red, Blue and Black) – Not all different product colours are listed


Small holdall bag RRP:£79.00


Large foldaway tote bag RRP: £49.00


Birthday and address book RRP: £20.00radley slim diary

Slim Diary RRP: £15.00


Umbrella RRP: £22.00

Vanity Case RRP: £

Travel Case RRP: £


Glasses Case RRP: £39.00


Make up Case RRP: £ TBC


Blackberry Case RRP: £ TBC


Heart Mirror RRP: £11.00


Iphone Case RRP: TBC


Keyring RRP: £19.00


Small Purse: RRP: £TBC


Compact Mirror RRP: £28.00


Pencil Case RRP: £29.00


Over Shoulder Bag: RRP: £ TBC


Suitcase RRP: £ TBC


Small Case RRP: £ TBC


Small Purse RRP: 39.00

Heart Purse: RRP: £22.00


Travel Card Holder RRP:22.00


Grab Bag : RRP: £TBC


Slippers RRP: £25.00

Radley Slippers

What Radley Collector Says:

Radley Champagne bubbles had a lot of products in its range and its proved very popular with the different materials used for different items. We have tried to list as many as we could for this guide. Some collectors wish to get one of every product in each collection released and some prefer to get key products when a range is a large size like Champagne Bubbles. Either way, it is a nice range to have in any collection. It is eye catching and we can see why Radley decided on this artwork to be inspired by.

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