radley botanical glasses red

Radley Glasses

Radley Glasses

Radley started eyewear in Spring Summer 2011. They haven’t produced any this season but we get many questions from fans about Radley’s eyewear we thought we should put an article together showing where you can still buy Radley eyewear and what sort of styles are still available.

How Radley described the release of eye wear back in 2011:

“The collection is designed to appeal to discerning, confident, and fun loving women who are fashionable but have an independent sense of style.”

So lets take a look at glasses, sunglasses and current glasses cases still available to purchase.

Radley Glasses:

Radley Botanica

RRP: £112.00 – RD117 (frames only)

radley botanical glasses red

Radley Canning Town

RRP: £101.00 – RD007 (frames only)


Radley Lansdown

RRP: £112.00 – RD115 (frames only)


radley lansdown glasses

Radley Chiswick

RRP: £101.00 – RD111 (frames only)

radley Chiswick glasses

Radley Queen’s Park

RRP: £112.00 – RD109 (frames only)

radley queens park glasses


Radley Sunglasses:

Radley Chiswick

RRP: £110.00 – RD201 (without prescription lenses)

radley sunglasses chiswick

Radley Chiswick

RRP: £95.00 – RD202 (without prescription lenses)

radley chiswick sunglasses

Radley RD204

RRP: £95.00 (without prescription lenses)

radley sunglasses RD204

Radley RD211

RRP: 95.00 (without prescription lenses)

radley sunglasses RD211


Radley RD207

RRP: £95.00 (without prescription lenses)

Radley Sunglasses RD207


Radley Glasses Cases:

Team your Radley Glasses up with a Radley Glasses case.

These are the ones that are available online at the moment. There may be others in outlets or stores reducing last years stock.


RRR: £39.00 in Carob or Black.

  • Made from Leather.
  • Popper fastening.
  • Dimension: W14 x H6 x cm
  • Product code: 85750

teatime glasses case black

teatime glasses case carob



RRP: £39.00 Available in Red from House Of Fraser, Black, Coral and Kelly Green from Radley.

  • Made from Leather.
  • Popper fastening.
  • Dimension: W14 x H5 x cm
  • Product code: 85618

radley amble glasses case

radley amble glasses case

radley amble glasses case

radley amble glasses case


Star Gazing

RRP: £39.00 Currently on sale at Radley for £29.00

  • Made from Leather.
  • Popper fastening.
  • Dimension: W15 x H10 x cm
  • Product code: 85733

radley star gazing glasses case radley star gazing glasses case


Radley Collector says:

As we have shown Radley Glasses and Radley Sunglasses are still available to buy and we hope this article helps fans find what they are looking for. The designer glasses and sunglasses have great style and colours. Most ranges listed above do some in a variety of colours. Radley Botanica glasses paired with the red Amble glasses case and you would be set in style !

We used the following websites for information about the current Radley eyewear ranges available.  At time of writing they had stock of the above mentioned styles. We have not had dealings with these websites so cannot comment on customer service or prices nor do we recommend one over the other. This article is just to let fans know that in 2013 you can still buy Radley eyewear, and depending on where they want to shop, different styles are available in various locations.

Sites stocking Radley ( There will be more than listed but these are just the ones we viewed for this article. Always shop around and read online reviews if the store is online only.)





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