What is Radley London  ?radley

Radley is a British brand based in London which designs and manufactures ladies handbags.
Radley bags lead high street design for leather handbags and accessories.

Radley began in the heart of London in 1998.
You can find a full historic guide here:
The History

So what does the Radley London brand make?

Each season Radley create a new collection . Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter are major seasons in the Radley calender. The company also have a transition period mid year when changing from one season to the next.
Some products included in the collections are:

Leather Handbags
Leather Purses
Accessories such as iPhone covers and Kindle covers
Footwear and slippers – Footwear such as leather shoes and sandals have now stopped and no longer made from 2013.
Man range (bags, keyrings, accessories) – This range has now stopped and is no longer made in 2013.
Baby change bags
Scarves, Gloves and Hats


How much do Radley bags cost?

Products sell between £10.00 and £500.00.
It really does depend on the product you are looking to buy.

You can have a look at all current Products here: RadleyOnline

Key facts about the brand Radley

Founder : Lowell Harder

Industry: Fashion Retail

Head Quarters: London, United Kingdom

Main Products: Leather ladies Handbags and Purses

Known for: Signature Scottish Terrier, Radley Signature Bags,
Collaboration with The British Heart Foundation, & U.K ladies leather handbags

Radley’s Mission

Radley value being creative, colourful, surprising and real. They are devoted to making beautiful things that women can fall in love with!

Company Overview:

Company Logo as of 04/06/2013


Radley Logo


Quoted from the Radley Facebook Page

Radley was born in the heart of London in 1998, with a mantra of making bags for women to fall in love with. With its roots in vibrant Camden Market, the brand has evolved into a British icon of affordable luxury.

Mixing creative design, quality material and immaculate craftsmanship the brand has grown into a leader in the premium accessories market.

The signature Scottish Terrier is central to this heritage and was inspired by the founder’s love of dogs. This symbol of authenticity and quality still stamps all our products and just like our designs he stands the test of time and grows and develops with us.

Our products have an aspirational mix of style, attention to detail and desirability that makes you want to touch them and take them home. We look to global fashion and lifestyle trends for inspiration when designing collections, but we are not a slave to fashion. We pride ourselves on making life easy, designing solutions for every occasion while still making you look and feel fabulous.

Official Contact Details:

Phone: 0845 070 7080

Email: onlinestore@radley.co.uk

Website:  RadleyOnline Official website


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