Radley Pocket Bag

Radley Pocket Bag

The History Of the Radley Pocket Bag.

Radley Pocket Bag

The Radley Pocket Bag is one of the most popular and best selling Radley bags. We take a look at the history of the Radley Pocket bag and how it has evolved and what appeared in its journey through the past 14/15 years. The Radley Pocket bag was one of the first designs by Radley. The designer that created the pocket bag is still working at Radley today.

The Design:

Radley Pocket Bag

Main Feature – Its pocket hence its name:

Radley Pocket Bag

Radley have said inspiration for the first pocket bag came from the pockets in a pair of jeans. Looking closely at a pair of jeans and the Radley pocket bag, you can see the shape of the pocket on the bag echo the shape of front pockets on a pair of jeans.

In 2012 more than 100,000 pocket bags were sold.

Lets have a look at some of the Radley Pocket Bags from over the years:

From left to right 2002, 2003, 2004

radley pocket bag 2002  radley pocket bag 2003radley pocket bag 2004

From left to right : 2005, 2006, 2007

radley pocket bag 2005radley pocket bag 2006radley pocket bag 2007

From left to right :2009, 2010, 2011, 2012

radley pocket bag 2009  radley pocket bag 2010    radley pocket bag 2011  Radley Pocket Bag 2012

As you can see from over the years, the basic design remains the same. Radley have produced the Pocket Bag in many different colours, fabrics, sizes and embellishments.

Laura Bailey advertising the Radley Pocket Bag:

Radley pocket bag

Radley have created two special edition pocket bags for the British Heart Foundation collaboration. Laura Bailey is seen below on the media pictures for one of their campaigns.

radley pocket bag

Media campaign showing the Radley Pocket Bag 2010

radley p[ocket bag

Christmas 2012 Pocket Bag media:

radley pocket bag

radley pocket bag

Example of how the Pocket Bag can be worn

Limited Edition Pocket Bag

Below we have listed some of the limited edition pocket bags Radley have created over the years.

Krishma by Radley

Year: September 2011

Number Produced: 70

Radley held a competition in September 2011 in each store for customers to design a pocket bag.  Each store’s winner had their bag made, and Facebook followers were able to vote for their favourite to be made available for purchase.  The overall winner’s bag was then made by Radley and sold in the Radley online store and in selected Radley shops, and sold out in 48 hours.

Some of the store winners:

And the overall winner was designed by Karishma Dhawan, a fashion student from Hounslow:

Mending Hearts pocket bag

Year: March 2012

Number Produced: 250 bags

Produced in aid of the British Heart Foundation’s Mending Hearts campaign,  this bag has a heart shaped tag which says “Mending Broken Hearts” with the BHF logo and a Radley on one side, and is a small mirror on the other.  This special tag mirror was available separately also.

10th Anniversary Pocket Bag

Year: October 2008

Available in a choice of red or black. This bag has a “10th anniversary Limited Edition” silver plaque inside, and retailed for £100.   This design came with an enamel dogtag.

     limited edition pocket bag

Radley Acklington

Limited to 500 bags, this is a new line celebrating the Radley Pocket Bag.  Brand new for SS13, this line comprises of 3 beautiful bags, with a very distinctive difference: the lining is removable so you can see and feel the inside of the of the raw leather.  The line comes in Large and Medium Across Body Bags, and a Large Bucket Shoulder Bag.  The design features a patch pocket on the front,  instantly recognisable as the panel on the Pocket Bag.

Year: March 2013

Radley Acklington

Radley Lily Broad

Year: February 2013

Radley Lily Broad Medium Across Body Bag

SS 2013 Pocket Bag

radley pocket bag

You view the Current SS2013 Pocket Bag colours and sizes in our blog here

You can also shop the Radley Pocket Bags at Radley Online Here

Radley Collector Says:

The Classic Radley Pocket bag design has stood the test of time. The design keeps appearing year after year because of its functionality, practicality and reasonable price point. This helps make it one of Radley’s most popular products. The soft leather and handle design makes it comfortable to wear. The extendable strap allows you to have it sit where feels best for the individual wearer. The jean style pocket on the front makes slipping your hand into it easy, and  to store your items but reach them with ease when wearing your bag.

Radley Collector prefers the larger pocket bag as it does fit a lot more inside and leaves room for all our essentials but the smaller pocket bags work well too, either fitting in your phone and makeup and essentials or smaller items.  If you use a large matinee purse, a larger pocket bag would be needed to fit it into the bag in our opinion.

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