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Radley Poppyfields

Radley Poppyfields

Radley Collector gets many questions regarding this popular Poppy bag and Radley Luggage range.  Fans and collectors love this design but detailed information and decent photos seem to be very sparse.  So Radley Collector decided to bring you an in depth article on this lovely range, Radley Poppyfield.

So what is the design? As the name says, its Radley in the middle of a poppy field.

Radley Poppyfield

What Year was Radley Poppyfield released?

The Radley Poppyfield range was split into two releases. Some products were released in Spring Summer 2007 and some in Spring Summer 2008. We will go into full details as we list the individual products below.

Spring Summer 2007 Radley Poppyfield products:

Medium Classic Grab Bag

Original RRP: £120.00

Product Code: 55160

Dimensions: L28.5cm x H18cm x W10.5cm

Notes: The grab bag as you can see had a black Radley Dog Tag with a red collar and hung from a red leather cord.

Radley Poppyfield

Walker Umbrella

Original RRP: £30.00

Product Code: 98021

Dimensions: Length 48cm x Diameter:96cm

radley walker umbrella

Radley walker umbrella


Slim Umbrella

Original RRP: £22.00

Product Code: 98022

Dimensions: Length: 43cm Diameter: 86cm

radley poppyfield umbrellaRadley Umbrella


Spring Summer 2008 Radley Poppyfield products:

Tote Bag

Original RRP: £170.00

Product Code: 58803

Notes: The tote bag in this design has a white Radley Dog Tag.

radley tote bag

Walker Umbrella

Original RRP: £35.00

Product Code: 98029

Dimensions: Length: 87cm Diameter: 83cm

radley walker umbrella poppy

radley pink handle poppy umbrella

 Radley Luggage

The Radley Poppyfield Luggage was the first hard case range for Radley.

radley luggage

radley luggage

Vanity Case

Original RRP: £135.00

Product Code: 57040

Details: 20 Litres , 1 Wet Bag, L36cm x H28cm x W19.5 cm


radley poppyfields vanity case

Medium Suitcase

Original RRP: £190.00

Product Code: 57041

Details: 40 litres, L35cm x H51.5cm x W22 cm, 1 Laundry bag, 2 Shoe bags, 1 Wet bag.

radley poppyfields medium suitcase

Large Suitcase

Original RRP: £250.00

Product Code: 57042

Details: 67 litres, L42cm x H60cm x W26.5 cm, 1 Laundry bag, 2 Shoe bags, 1 Wet bag, 2 hangers

Radley Large poppyfields suitcase


Radley Collector Says :

We’re proud to say that this is what Radley Collector does best.  We bring guides to the collectors of the historic Radley products that have proved popular. We love doing this guides for older Radley products because there is simply no other Radley site that gives fans this in depth information. Radley should be very proud of the Poppyfields range. It still gets the fans buzzing and chatting about it. These products always sell very well second hand and some are very rare to see being sold these days such as the Slim umbrella and the Vanity Case.

We do love this range. It’s unique and appeals to Radley lovers.  The Radley luggage is very high standard and we love all the extras that came with this originally. The ladies Radley grab bag is also a favourite of ours.

We would like to say thank you to Radley for their help with this article.

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  • Chris Hutson
    Posted at 20:21h, 07 June Reply

    I bought a Poopyfields grab bag second hand to use at my daughter’s wedding in July. Shame there isn’t a purse to match. What purse should I buy to go with this bag? Any ideas?

  • radleycollector
    Posted at 22:00h, 07 June Reply

    Hi Chris, Yes its a shame there was no matching purse. Our thoughts would be to find an all red purse to go with the eye catching red in the bag. It will match as they are both Radley’s and the full colour will actually complement the bag. If you go for a patterned purse, we think it may be too much or just not work together.
    Maybe something like this : http://tinyurl.com/po7ebgv

    Congratulations to your daughter, Hope she and you have a fantastic day !

  • Dee Em
    Posted at 22:17h, 23 March Reply

    Hi just wanted to say thank for this fantastic source of information. Last year I was fortunate enough to come across the poppyfields vanity case in a local charity shop, to this day I still can’t believe it.

    I’m only missing the red luggage tag which I’ve been trying to find online without success, any ideas where I can purchase one?

    Many thanks

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