radley beach huts umbrella

Radley Umbrella

Radley Umbrella

Many collectors of Radley love the umbrella designs that Radley produce each season. We won’t list every single umbrella here that Radley have created, but what we will do is list the ones that we find the most interesting and most collectible.

Radley make a couple of different types of umbrella:

Radley Walker Umbrella (also called non-telescopic)

Example of this style:

radley walker umbrella radley walker umbrella

Radley Telescopic Umbrella – (called mini telescopic or crook handle telescopic)

Example of this style:

radley telescopic umbrella radley-telescopic-umbrella-crook-handle

Interesting Radley Umbrellas that appeal to collectors:

Rambling Radley Umbrella

rambling radley umbrellarambling radley umbrella

Sweet Pickings Umbrella

Mini Telescopic umbrella. This umbrella comes from the 2010, 21st Radley Signature range. It was available in three colours – grey/blue, black and red.

radley sweet pickings umbrella  radley sweet pickings umbrella

radley sweet pickings umbrellaradley sweet pickings umbrella

Beside the Seaside Umbrella

beside-the-seaside-umbrellaradley umbrella


radley beach huts umbrella

Poppy Fields

This was available in the Radley walker umbrella (two types) and the Radley microscopic umbrella.

Radley walker umbrella:

radley poppy fields umbrella radley poppy fields umbrella

Radley microscopic umbrella:

radley poppy fields umbrella

Pulse Of London

Mini telescopic Umbrella:

radley pulse of londonradley pulse of london umbrella

radley pulse of london umbrella

Walker Non Telescopic Umbrella:

radley pulse of london umbrellaradley pulse of london umbrella

Rainy Days

radley rainy days umbrella


radley cupcakeradley cupcake

radley cupcake

Circus (collaboration with V&A Museum)

radley circus umbrellaradley circue umbrella


radley thames umbrellaradley thames umbrella

radley thames umbrellaradley thames umbrella

Plain Sailing

radley plain sailing umbrella


radley umbrella


radley clarance umbrella


radley lansdown umbrellaradley lansdown umrella

Other Umbrellas that we could not find clear images of:

Bon Voyage (range originally only available at Duty Free)

Radley Collector says:

Radley Umbrellas are a great way for fans of Radley to build a collection. They are very affordable and have some great designs. If you are new to collecting, lots of the above products are no longer available to buy new from Radley Online but you can visit eBay or even better, Radley Collector are going live with their own new Market Place soon. Keep watching Radley Collector for updates.

Think we have missed an umbrella that should be listed here? Contact us here and tell us !

Contributions to this article from Sharlotte and Mike Pavloff – Dedicated Radley fans.

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  • Alison souter
    Posted at 22:44h, 17 March Reply

    Dear collector site
    I loved seeing the lovely umbrellas radley have designed. I am really sad that i have just lost my walker umbrella rainy day design.is there any where i can buy a new one? I loved its design.hoping you can help.
    Radley fan, alison from york.
    Fingers crossed you can help.

  • radleycollector
    Posted at 17:58h, 18 March Reply

    Hello Alison,

    As Rainy days is from an old Radley range your best bet is to check website likes Ebay etc for someone selling a second hand one.

    Also, Radley Collector is opening their own marketplace very soon. This area will be an online auction site dedicated to Radley products. It also reduces fees for collectors buying and selling so maybe one will be listed there.

    Keep an eye on the website and on our Facebook or twitter pages, it will be announced once the Market Place is live. We hope you can find one for sale 🙂

  • Alison souter
    Posted at 22:30h, 22 March Reply

    Thank you radley collector. I havent found a rainy day see through umbrella yet. If you or any one hear anybody is selling one could you let me know.thank you. Ive asked in all the places i thought might have left it but to no avail.bohoo.loved my umbrella. Thank you for your reply.
    Alison from york.

  • Maureen S.
    Posted at 15:21h, 30 October Reply

    I’m devastated – I had the Radley Cupcake in the Tan colour – it was stolen. I have been trying to find one and with no luck – if anyone can help, please let me know. It was my only umbrella that was sturdy and everybody adored it! I’m still reeling from it’s loss – this is almost 2 years on!

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