Would you like to help Radley Collector?

Hello Radley Fans. You must be wondering why RadleyCollector has started a donation page.

In October 2012 we launched Radley Collector and at that stage we didn’t have any idea to how popular the site would become!  We have been so shocked at the popularity of Radley Collector, It’s going fantastic and moving extremely fast paced!  We are very grateful for the support of all the Radley fans out there !

With popularity unfortunately comes larger running costs. Hosting, SSL, bigger and better prizes, the cost to hire programmers for the marketplace for starters.  The 12- 16 hours the two people who run Radley Collector put in most days, not to mention other volunteers time too, is all unpaid.  We all love working on Radley Collector, that is why we do this.  We started this site as a labour of love, with no idea how popular it would become.  We put endless hours into our research because we love Radley and want to give the fans this resource and we want to always continue to be able to offer this resource.

So why are we asking for donations?

Radley Collector does NOT put unrelated adverts all over this website to pay for it and annoy our fans. We only keep to Radley and related adverts to keep this space as clear as we can for fans to enjoy reading here and not be spammed with irrelevant adverts. So we decided to ask for donations instead.

We understand not everyone can donate, and we are not setting amounts to donate, we are just asking that if you feel you have something spare and wish to donate towards running costs and all our hard work it would be appreciated.

Below you can click the PayPal donate button and donate as little or as much as you want to.

The donation process is done through PayPal so you know that your payment is secure.

An extra Special Thank you for the first 13 donations !

You can choose to donate anonymously or have your name published so we can Thank you here on on Radley Collector. As an extra thank you to to first 10 fans that donate at Least £15.00 please give us your address when you send your donation and we will send you this free gift as an extra Thank you. This is a Radley Dog Tag and Pouch. You will get one of the colours shown below not both. These are limited. We only have 13 so we can only send the first 13 donators this special thank you. All other donations of course will be thanked publicly if you wish us to. If you do NOT wish to be named please state so on the extra notes on the PayPal donate page.

Free Radley Gift

Thank you to everyone that has taken the time to read this and we hope you continue to enjoy the resources at Radley Collector !