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Radleys History – ten years ago

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Radleys History

Radley, which now sits at the following web address www.radley.co.uk started its life as www.radleybags.co.uk. The domain was purchased in 2001 but it’s content did not show Radley as we know it until the early part of 2002.  Many new fans of Radley may not have seen their original website or products listed there.  To give you an insight to how the brand has evolved online here are some images to show you their journey.

How the Radley website looked like in 2012 :

The Radley website 2012

As you can see it’s very professional and the navigation is laid out minimal to give an elegant and simplistic feel. The use of images for their new range is designed to a high standard and the website is easy to navigate.

Back in 2002 things were very different.  What you need to remember is websites and online shopping just didn’t happen in the same volume as they do today.

How the Radley website looked like in 2003:

This image has come from an internet archive so some of the design and images are missing.

Radleys History Radley website in 2003

The Radley banner at the bottom of their webpage design was animated with sound effects using flash.

As you can see their main image was of the 2003 signature/picture bag release Armchair.

Images from the original Radley website:

radley image from 2002 website         radley original website image

One thing has never changed throughout the years. As quoted from the Radley 2002 website –

“Radley is a truly modern British design success story. By using superior quality leather and creative design we’ve produced a range of stylish, sophisticated handbags and luggage. “

This philosophy is still present today. As shown below from an image posted on their website:

radley philosophy

If Radley stays true to it’s roots, it will stay the brand we all know and love and keep growing it’s fanbase.

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