radley goldbourne

Radley Goldbourne

radley goldbourne

Radley Goldbourne

The Radley Goldbourne collection is a range of bags and purses that Radley released in 2011. The designs in this collection are inspired by popular designs from past Radley collections that the designers decided while looking through the archives inspired them the most.
The designs appear to be based on:

The Radley Goldbourne designs were limited to being only sold at the Radley Official stores and the Official Radley website.

So what products were in the Radley Goldbourne Collection?

Radley Goldbourne consisted of three bags.

  • Radley Goldbourne Small Across Body Bag
  • Radley Goldbourne Large Across Body Bag
  • Radley Goldbourne Medium Grab Bag

Here are some images of the different type bags:

Radley Goldbourne Medium Grab Bag:


This bag is based on the Canvas Radley ‘Panda’ bag.  This barrel grab bag features a colourful appliqué design on the front with one Panda and bright flowers and shapes. It has two grab handles and a detachable across the body strap. The bag has a zip top fastening with a zip pocket and a slip pocket inside. Its also has a flap over pocket on the front of the bag.

Measurements: 30cm x 22cm x 16cm
(length of the removable strap from the top of the bag to the apex is 60cm)
Product code: 60667

Radley Goldbourne Large Across Body Bag:

Radley Goldbourne

This bag is based on the Radley Series designed from the Dancing Ladies print from the Victoria and Albert Museum. On the front of the bag is Radley in a gorgeous appliqué design. The classic flap over style bag has a single, adjustable across the body shoulder strap. Inside the bag is a zip pocket and a slip pocket.

Measurements: 28cm x 22cm x 13cm
(length of the strap from the top of the bag to the apex is 42cm)
Product code:
RRP: £199

Radley Goldbourne Small Across Body Bag :

Radley Goldbourne

This bag is based on the Penguin Signature bag ‘penguins’. The bag has a single across the body strap and inside there is a zip pocket and a slip pocket.

Measurements: 21cm x 20cm x 6cm
(length of the strap from the top of the bag to the apex is 61cm)
Product code:  60665

What else was in the Radley Goldbourne collection?

The Radley Goldbourne collection also consisted of three purses.

The large Goldbourne zip around purse feature colourful hand-crafted appliqué that match the three designs released in the bags. The inside of the purses feature two slip pockets and two zip pockets.

Dimensions : W20 x H10 cm
Product Code: 85306 / 85307
RRP: £75.00

Goldbourne Purses:

Radley Goldbourne


radley goldbourneradley goldbourne


In conclusion a lovely addition to any Radley Collection. Even though not available on Radley anymore these bags and purses do appear on sites such as eBay. Buy yourself one for your collection would be our advice 🙂

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