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Radley Collector is successful because of the dedicated Radley fans across the U.K and the rest of the World.

Have a look at what some of the Radley Collectors have to say :

Radley Fan
Sue Jone

Age: 31

Where do you live? Bedfordshire

Occupation: Avionic Aircraft Engineer, not a very girly job which is probably one of the reasons I started collecting handbags to make up.

How long have you been a Radley fan? Since 2003, although I didn’t start collecting until the following year.

Where do you shop for Radley?  Started at John Lewis, as these were the days pre Radley website, however since I have bought from them mainly as the bags come so well packaged.  Of course there is good old ebay for the older bags and it is where my 2002 beach huts and penguin bags came from.

What do you love most about Radley? The signature bags, mainly the older ones.  They are more then just a bag, they have personality.  All are very well made and smell lovely.

What is your favourite Radley product? Tough question, shoulder bags. Although I have grab bags, I like the shoulder ones more. I’ve narrowed my favourite down to three signature bags, walk in the woods, away day and the cottage bag.  The later are both grab but never mind. The cottage bag was bought from ebay and was a little more expensive than normal as it is marked 1 / 500 with certification so it’s a little special.

How did you hear about Radley Collector?  Google search of the term “Radley signature”,  I can’t believe I didn’t find it sooner.

What do you like most about Radley Collector?  The wealth information, I am a sad peraon who gets cross with people selling bags on ebay incorrectly advertised, but until Radley Collector there was no one place to get correct information. Thank you.

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your collection with us Sue ! Number 1 Cottage !! How exciting, now that is one for the collectors 🙂

Radley Fan Amanda

Name: Amanda Parke

Age: 46

Where do you live?: Wiltshire

Occupation: Company Director of ‘House of Parke Ltd’ trading as ‘Simply Bags of Style‘. I set my business up approx 2 years ago. Prior to that I was a senior manager with Nationwide Building Society for 24 years. Following redundancy, I wanted to change my life – to a life with less stress, less travel and a job that enabled me to spend more time at home with my two sons now aged 11 and 8. Shortly after I had been made redundant I decided to do a big sort out in my home and to sell my unwanted things on eBay which I had never done before. I loved doing eBay and the interaction I had with all sorts of people and wondered if I could make a living out of an eBay business. I loved Radley and believe that to be successful in running your own business you have to be passionate about the products – so the rest is history and ‘Simply Bags of Style’ was born!

Website: Primarily I sell through eBay – http://stores.ebay.co.uk/Simply-Bags-of-Style However, I have also set up a business page on Facebook – http://www.facebook.com/SimplyBagsOfStyle – through this business page my listings on eBay can be viewed. By selling to customers through Facebook or through contacting me directly on email simplybagsofstyle@aol.com I am able to offer further price reductions – 10% – on the prices listed on eBay. This is because I don’t incur eBay fees on these transactions so am able to pass the savings back on to my customers.

How long have you been a Radley fan? I think I bought my first Radley bag about 11 years ago. It was a beautiful pale pink shoulder bag – and I loved it and used it until it wore out!

Where do you shop for Radley? Anywhere and everywhere!

What do you love most about Radley? Well, I could write an essay on this topic! However, I will try to summarise with a few main points:

  • Quality and Price – particularly when you compare the quality to the high end designer brands. Top end designer bags can cost thousands of pounds. However, Radley is affordable but the quality is not compromised.
  • The quirkiness of the designs – if you are wearing a Radley bag, everyone will know it is a Radley bag!
  • Choice – each season there are so many new designs to choose from plus the re-invention of the old favourites such as ‘Grosvenors’ and ‘Cheadles’.
  • Range of products. Now, Radley don’t just do bags but all sorts of other accessories – from purses to umbrellas, from slippers to watches, from luggage to baby bags, from work bags to porcelain mugs etc – the list is endless.

I’m Dreaming of… What would you like Radley to produce next? Well, in my experience of selling Radley and getting into conversations with my customers it is fair to say that many are first and foremost, avid Radley collectors/fans. However, there are a lot of ladies out there who are not first and foremost Radley fans. These ladies have become Radley fans, but first and foremost – are dog lovers. These ladies own all sorts of dogs, many own West Highland Terriers. I know of a few who have even called their dog ‘Radley’. Many of them have dogs as pets, some of them work with dogs as vets, trainers etc and some breed and show dogs. They are drawn to the Radley brand because of their love of dogs. I think Radley should consider expanding their range with these customers in mind – i.e. products for dogs. Perhaps this could include Radley dog collars, coats, food bowls etc etc. I do think such a range could prove to be very popular.   Oooooo Radley Collector like this idea 🙂

Favourite Radley product? It has to be the signature bags!

How did you hear about Radley Collector? Through contact via eBay. It is a fantastic site and I am following the site on Facebook and Twitter.

What do you like most about Radley Collector? Everything! The latest updates and in particular the signature bag guide and also the guide on how to tell a Radley bag is genuine.

Thank you very much Amanda ! It was great to have you sharing your thoughts as a Radley Collector and Radley seller to our other Radley Fans.

Now lets meet our last Fan.

Sharlotte Radley Fan
Name: Sharlotte Pavloff
Age: 33 years old

Where you live: Bristol

Occupation: Currently on maternity leave.

How long have you been a Radley fan? I have been a Radley fan for just over 3 years, collecting properly for 2!

Where do you shop for Radley? I’m very lucky to have two Radley stores here in Bristol. The Mall at Cribbs Causeway and also at Cabot Circus. But I also travel to the Tula outlets in Swindon and Clarks Village.  (I have found some great deals there!)

What do you love most about Radley? The things I love about Radley are the great colours they use and the fun scenes that are shown on the signature bags! Radley seems to have a real character of his own!

I’m Dreaming of… What would you like Radley to produce next? I’m dreaming of another Christmas themed bag (matching folding shopper would be awesome). Seasons Greetings is a great tote – been wanting one for Christmas for years….

Favourite Radley product? My favourite Radley product is the Cottage bag, it is just so cute! I’m lucky enough to have one – my little boy spent hours on eBay to find me one for my last birthday (with a little help from his dad)!

How did you hear about Radley Collector? I found Radley Collector on Facebook and quickly signed up to twitter and the site forum.

What do you like most about Radley Collector? I love being able to chat with other fans and share information about the Radley products, old and new! The RC guides are invaluable for those of us looking to collect and buy older bags from eBay etc… Knowledge is power! ;0)

Thank you very much Sharlotte. We are sure all our Radley fans have enjoyed reading insights from a fellow Radley Collector.

We are very grateful to the featured Radley fans above that have took the time to share their thoughts and introduce themselves to all of us.

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