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Beach Hut (s)

There is quite a bit of confusion about the Radley Beach Hut bags.
Let us try to clear this up a bit.

Beach Hut

“Beach hut” signature/picture bag (S/S 2002) has 1 tote bag picturing 4 huts, 1 shoulder bag picturing 3 huts, 1 grab bag picturing 3 huts and 1 mini bag picturing 1 hut.
The only details on the bags in this design are the huts, the sky, the sand and Radley.
Radley is placed in the doorway of the smallest hut.
On the rear of these bags is a sandcastle with a small flag.

Beach Hut Front:

Beach Hut Rear:

Beach Hut Rear - Copy

Beach Huts

Beach Huts (notice the plural)  (s/s 2003) has 1 Tote bag picturing 8 huts, and 1 grab bag picturing 7 huts.  At the bottom of the bags design is the sea, and there are seagulls in the sky.  Radley is standing on the beach at the water’s edge, with footsteps leading back to the huts.
On the rear of these bags is the same small hut that Radley is in from the original 2002 release of Beach Hut.

Beach Huts Front:

Beach Huts Rear:

The Radley Taunton Range

Many times people selling second hand Taunton products list them as the “rare” pink or black beach hut bag or purse.  However these are simply Radley’s Taunton line, not signature bags, not limited, and not rare. Yes, these are not available any more on the Radley website, and you may like the design and want to add these products to your collection, but please don’t mistake these for the 2002 or 2003 signature bags/range.  Do not be fooled by sellers with a listing which read “Rare one off pink signature beach hut bag” (and yes, we have seen this happen recently), as it’s not the case and this is just the Taunton range.

Pink Taunton Purse:

Black Taunton Bag:

Radley Taunton

We hope this clears up any confusion for you.

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