product classification of radley second hand bags

Radley Collector guide to condition classification

Radley condition classification

Ok, so if you’ve been looking for a bargain on Ebay for a Radley picture bag, you may get confused by the description of the condition of the bag.  We’ve put together a classification structure to help.  Hopefully Ebay sellers will adopt this condition classification into their descriptions or you can ask them to view this page and ask what best describes there bag and ask them to add it to their listing.

Factory sealed:

Still in it’s original plastic wrapping and outer tissue.  Has either never been opened, or opened once to check for manufacturing faults, but has been returned to packing immediately.

product classification of radley second hand bags


Handles sealed or covered in plastic, dog tag may be covered in plastic wrapping, Internal tissue is still in place. may or may not be supplied with the outer plastic bag and tissue. Leather cream unopened if that bag came supplied with cream. Radley price tag intact and uncut,  Coin purse still in factory sealed condition.

BNWT opened:

Internal tissue, handle protectors and dogtag protector have been removed, but bag has never been used, just unwrapped.  May or may not come with the outer tissue and plastic wrapping. Leather cream unopened if that bag came with the cream.  Still has the Radley tag, Dogtag, dust cover and coin purse all in an undamaged and unused state


Brand new without tags. Radley price tag has been removed or cut in half to remove the price. Generally these will be in a similar condition to BNWT opened, but sometimes the price tag is cut by the store if the item is to be a gift.

Used with tags – Mint:

All packing and protection have been removed.  Bag has been used once or twice, but is still in a totally undamaged condition, but may be very slightly misshapen from the use. No external scratches on the leather, no creasing from being left without internal packing.  The interior of the bag has no marks or discolouration.  Radley price tag still attached to the bag. Coin purse and leather cream have not been used,  dust bag may have slight creasing as this is normally how bags in this condition are stored.

Used without tags – Mint:

as used with tags – Mint, but no Radley price tag attached, or price tag has been cut.

Used with tags – Near Mint:

All packing and protection have been removed. Bag has been used very little, and has at most 1 small mark on the outer leather, so small it is not noticeable except under close examination.  No creasing obvious on the outside except under close examination. Inside lining is clean and has no marks, can have a very small patch of slight discolouration.  Leather cream is unopened, and dust bag may have small signs or wear or slight discolouration.  Coin purse has no visible marks or creasing.  Radley price tag and Dogtag are still intact and undamaged.

Used without tags – Near Mint:

As used with tags – near mint except Radley price tag is missing or cut.

Used with tags – Good:

All packing and protection have been removed.  Bag has been used a few times, and may have a couple of small marks on the outer leather that are noticeable under examination.  These marks may be small scratches or discoloured patches. May have obvious slight creasing on the outside, generally due to being stored in the dust bag without internal padding.  Inside lining is clean but may have small marks, can have a small patch of slight discolouration.  Coin purse may have small marks or be misshapen slightly from use. Leather cream may have been used, and dust bag may have signs of wear. Radley price tag and Dogtag are still intact and undamaged.

Used without tags – Good:

as Used with tags – Good, except Radley price tag is missing or cut.

Used – Fair:

At fair condition, the Radley price tag is irrelevant.  The bag has been used on a daily basis, so there are a few minor scratches on the outer leather, and some creasing.  The internal lining is fairly clean with no major stains.  Radley dogtag is still intact, possibly with some minor damage.  The coin purse is still intact, but shows signs of use like minor scratches, or some discolouration.  Dust bag may have signs of wear, or could be pristine, as it’s probably never had a bag stored in it.

Used – Poor:

The bag has been heavily used. There are major scratches and/or creases on the outer leather. The interior lining may have a major stain or tear.  Possible major discolouration in area on the bag.  Dogtag or coin purse may not be with the bag anymore. Dust bag is torn, stained, heavily discoloured or missing.

We don’t have a bag in poor condition so here is one of our purses:

Lots of creasing/cracking leather on the front

Threads coming loose on the zip, large crease on the back

A permanent stain inside the purse

For our classifications, we would suggest bags are rated that if more than one fault that we have listed is evident, the bag condition would be intentionally downgraded to the next condition.  For example, a bag which appears to be Used with tags – Near Mint, but has one small scratch and has a small area of discolouration, this bag should not be classified Used with tags – Near Mint, but rather should be classified Used with tags – Good.

Bags tend to get damaged the most on the bottom corners, the top edges either end of the zip, the handles can show discolouration from use,  and the inner lining can get grubby at the opening from repeated insertion of objects and hands,  These are all places to check when examining a bag for damage.

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