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Radley Birmingham

Radley Store Spotlight

Two days ago Radley Collector visited the Radley Birmingham Store for their New Season Launch Event and wow what a night we had !
Radley Nail Art and a manicure, surrounded by Radley bags, great company with the Radley Birmingham Team and two Radley Collector fans !
What more could we ask for? !….Oh yes and a glass of Champagne !

The Radley Birmingham Store has been open for five years and this store was the 5th or 6th Radley Store to be opened so this is one of the older Radley stores.The Manager, Emma has worked at the store and with Radley since the opening.
When we arrived at the store, we were greeted by Emma, and 3 other Radley staff, Kally, Michelle, and Jade.

The Radley Birmingham Team

The Radley Birmingham Team

So with a glass of Champagne in hand we start to have a look around the store and have a chat to the staff. Our first impressions of the store were good.  It is large for a Radley store, the displays are well laid out and there is enough room for shoppers to walk around and not feel too cramped.

On the left of the store , we found Lynette, a freelance creative Nail Technician, from London. She had been hired by The Pamper Puff Girls to provide complimentary manicures to Radley customers for this event.

The pamper Puff Girls

The Pamper Puff Girls

Of course it would be rude for Radley Collector to refuse a free manicure,  for research purposes only 😉

We were offered a choice from the three exclusive Radley colours of nail varnish.  The colours are key autumnal colours for Radley, Red, Peacock Blue and Mushroom/Brown.

Radley Collector spent the next 15 minutes being spoiled.  A free manicure and handpainted Radley dogs onto our nails, heaven!  This is a lovely treat Radley offer to its customers.

The Nail varnish:

Radley Nail Varnish

Radley Nail Varnish

What was very apparent in this older store was the relationship the manager Emma had with all her staff. You can clearly see they are more like a family rather than manager and her staff.  This friendly, well organized team make the Radley customers feel even more comfortable when shopping.

When we asked Emma about why she enjoyed working for Radley, she smiled and explained how she loved the heritage and history of Radley and how they treat all their employees so well.  They are all made to feel as important as each other, whatever level you are in the company.  It was also great to see Jade, one of the sales advisers excited to show off her personal Radley bag and accessories.  What more of an endorsement is that, when the staff love wearing the products too?  Oh and Jade, great choice with Spice Orange 😉

Radley Birmingham - Jade

Radley Birmingham – Jade

Radley Birmingham have regular Radley fans shopping in this store. Radley Collector were very happy to meet two Radley Collector fans, Anita and Becky while this event was on.  It was great to hear their feedback and ideas and have a chat with two long term Radley fans.

RC Fans and Emma

RC Fans and Emma

Camera Shots of Radley Birmingham Store Layout

Radley Birmingham Store Spotlight Conclusion:

This Radley Event, like the previous three we have been to, was well organised.  It was classy and enjoyable for customers.  Offering a manicure and a complimentary glass of champagne gives Radley customers a bit of luxury, which is just what Radley achieve with their bags and products.

The free goodie bag when spending over £75.00 is a fabulous extra bonus for fans.

Radley Nail Varnish

Radley Nail Varnish

Not only do you get the nail varnish but you get a canvas tote bag, nail file and hand cream.

What made this event extra special for us was two things:

1.  Emma and her staff. They made us feel welcome, and we had a great time chatting to them and listening to them chat about how they love working for Radley.  They know their store and products inside out. They also have a love for Radley and its values.  This shows in how they come across to their customers and to us.

2. Meeting two Radley Collector fans was amazing. It was great to hear such good feedback about the work we do and their excitement about  our plans for the future.

It was a great event and the Radley Birmingham Store gets our stamp of approval !

Thank you to Emma, Jade and everyone at the Radley Birmingham Store for making us feel so welcome and a great evening !


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