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Radley Cambridge Christmas Event

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Radley Cambridge Christmas Event

Radley Cambridge branch  Radley Cambridge

Today Radley Collector visited the Cambridge Radley branch to see their Christmas event.

radley cambridge branch

When we entered the Radley Cambridge store, we watched the buzz in the store quietly for a minute, watching the counter staff adeptly wrapping buyers purchases, the staff on the floor helping customers, and the store manager, Tanya, checking that the store was spotless, rearranging displays to perfection and dealing with the customers needs.

radley cambridge melody stand

The Radley Cambridge store, situated in the Grand Arcade in the centre of quaint
Cambridge, is a delight to behold. From the “I’m Dreaming of” window display featuring a selection of beautiful bags, to the minimalistic and very tasteful red swirls decorating
the walls, and of course the exquisite selection of bags, this store is a testament to the
Radley design doctrine.

radley cambridge branch  Radley Cambridge Display

We were greeted at the door by a smile and an offer of champagne and a cupcake, and the great news that everything instore had a 15% reduction for today. We wouldn’t be leaving without at least one purchase that was sure.

radley display cambridge

The store manager Tanya and her wonderful staff were delighted to help and answer all of our questions. The store has a distinctive buzz, with many customers browsing. We did our best to remain unobtrusive, and had the lovely Tanya pose for a photo for us.

Tanya – Store Manager:

radley cambridge store manager

After we took some photos we took the time to admire the layout of the store, and the
selection of all the Radley products. From the Grand Union wool, Laura Bailey collection
and Studded Grovesnor to the lovely Melody display and the cute Teatime lines, there was a full range for us to admire.

Radley handbag cambridge  Radley grand uinion wool

As we listened to comments buyers were making, we were impressed with the positive
comments the store was getting. People seemed genuinely happy in this branch and were delighted with the helpful staff. Today the store had 4 shop assistants and Store manager Tanya in the branch. With a champagne flute in hand and the temptation of a cupcake (there goes #imdreamingof… losing weight tag 🙂 ) we continued to look around and browse the collection in person.

radley christmas event

As mentioned above the store today had a discount of 15% off everything in store. Another great reason to buy today was the free gift if you spent over £100.00. The free gift was a limited edition Christmas bauble. As always the Radley free gift is gorgeous. These limited edition baubles do make it worth spending early and getting your Christmas presents.

radley free gift

All purchases today were also gift boxed or gift wrapped.

In conclusion, an excellent event and, it appears, very happy customers. The only
disappointment was a health and safety issue meant that the cute Radley doggies could not be present, that was a shame but it did not deflect from our enjoyment while there.

We have to say a huge thank you to Tanya the Radley store manager in Cambridge and her staff. You made Radley Collector feel very welcome and helped us greatly.
We will be visiting again.

Radley Collector will be visiting other Radley branches in the UK to review also.
Please keep a look out for future reviews.

Thank you.

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