Radley Exhibition Road

Radley Exhibition Road

The New 2015 AW Signature Bag !



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34th Radley Signature bag to be released.

YEAR: 2015

SEASON: Autumn Winter – Tuesday 20th August

NAME: Exhibition Road

DESCRIPTION:  A delightful scene of people viewing an art exhibition showing Radley in various poses.  This seasons bag is cream with splashes of blue and pink and the design is mainly printed, with some applique features.  This is the first appearance of a signature clutch, and also the first appearance of the books, scarf, and mug to accessorise your bag, purse and umbrella.  The purse style for this signature line has been changed from a flapover matinee to a zip matinee.

STYLES RELEASED IN THIS DESIGN: Medium Grab, Medium Clutch, Large Zip Matinee Purse, Scarf, Mug, Diary, Notebook and Umbrella.


Medium Grab Bag: Width 29cm x Height 24cm x Depth 14cm
Medium Clutch: Width 26cm x Height 16cm x Depth 6cm
Matinee Purse: Width 19cm x Height 10cm x Depth 3cm
Umbrella: To Be Confirmed
Printed Scarf: To Be Confirmed
Mug: To Be Confirmed
A6 Notebook: To Be Confirmed
A6 Diary: To Be Confirmed


Medium Grab Bag: £229.00 
Medium Clutch: £99.00 
Matinee Purse: £79.00 
Umbrella: £30.00 
Printed Scarf: £50.00 
Mug: £20.00 
A6 Notebook: £12.00 
A6 Diary: £12.00 


Medium Grab Bag: 62300
Medium Clutch: 62301
Matinee Purse: 80900
Umbrella: 95310
Printed Scarf: 94838
Mug: 95319
A6 Diary: 95318
A6 Notebook: 95317

ORIGINAL EXTRAS: Coin purse with the grab bag

Exhibition Road Medium Grab Bag


62300v_v2_1 62300v_4_1 62300v_2_1 62300v





Exhibition Road Medium Clutch Bag


62301v62301v_4 62301v_2


Exhibition Road Large Zip Matinee Purse

80900v_1 80900v_2_1 80900v_4_1



Exhibition Road Printed Scarf

 94838v_294838v 94838v_3

Exhibition Road Mug

 95319x_4 95319x

Exhibition Road A6 Diary

 95318x_1 95318x_4_1

Exhibition Road A6 Notebook

95317x_1 95317x_4_1

Exhibition Road Mini Telescopic Umbrella

 95310v_4_1 95310v_1

Media used for this release:

 Radley_AW15_Exhibition_Road_Picture_Bag_Feature_11_Aug_15_11Radley_AW15_Exhibition_Road_Picture_Bag_Feature_11_Aug_15_16Radley_AW15_Exhibition_Road_Picture_Bag_Feature_11_Aug_15_03Radley_AW15_Exhibition_Road_Picture_Bag_Feature_11_Aug_15_05AW15_Category_Picture_Bag_Banner_750x250_OFFER_UKRadley_AW15_Exhibition_Road_Picture_Bag_Feature_11_Aug_15_Extra_5 Radley_AW15_Exhibition_Road_Picture_Bag_Feature_11_Aug_15_Extra_4 Radley_AW15_Exhibition_Road_Picture_Bag_Feature_11_Aug_15_Extra_3 Radley_AW15_Exhibition_Road_Picture_Bag_Feature_11_Aug_15_Extra_2 Radley_AW15_Exhibition_Road_Picture_Bag_Feature_11_Aug_15_Extra_1


Medium Grab Video:


Medium Clutch Video:



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