Radley Man – Part Two – Accessories

Radley Man – Part Two – Accessories

To conclude the Radley Man collection, we now look at the Radley Man accessories.

So, You’ve picked your Messenger Bag, Briefcase, or Holdall, and you now need to pick up the additional bits to match.

From keyrings, pouches, iPad covers, to wallets and card holders, the Radley man range covers what you need.

Since you’ve already chosen what bag you want from our guide here: (Radley Man Part One), we will show you the accessories by range.

The accessories are only available in the Banbury and Chatsworth lines, so sadly enough, there are no Gosford accessories, a pity considering how great the Gosford line looks. There’s also only a single portfolio bag available in the Belvedere line, so no snazzy extras for the Belvedere lovers out there either.


The Banbury style is available in both Bitter Chocolate and Moorland Green. The distinctive tonal woven detail from the bags is continued on some of the accessories.

The Banbury line range in price from £15 for the keyring to £59 for the wallets

Radley ManRadley Man

Banbury Key Ring £15.00

Radley ManRadley Man

Banbury iPad Case £49.00

Radley ManRadley Man

Banbury Credit Card Holder £29.00

Banbury Business Card Holder £29.00

Banbury Bill Fold Wallet £59.00

Banbury Coin Holder Wallet £59.00

The Banbury accessories are available from Radley Online


The Chatsworth range is available in Black and Tan to match the range of bags.  The Black is highlighted with red to add a little extra pizzazz.

These accessories range from £19 for the Keyring to £69 for the iPad case and the wallets.

Chatsworth Key Ring £19.00

Chatsworth Small Pouch £25.00

Chatsworth Credit Card Holder £29.00

Chatsworth iPad Case £69.00

Chatsworth Bill Fold Wallet £69.00

Chatsworth Coin Holder Wallet £69.00

The Chatsworth accessories are available from Radley Online



The only accessory in the Belvedere line is a handy Portfolio bag available in Bitter Chocolate and Black.

Medium Portfolio Bag £109.00

This bag is available from Radley Online 

That’s all the accessories, and we have to say they look great.  They are the perfect addition to any stylish man’s collection.  We have to say it’s a shame the accessories aren’t available in Gosford and Belvedere, but what is available will work well for any male wanting to look and feel great with Radley.


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