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Store Spotlight – Discover your colours with Radley and Colour Me Beautiful

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Today Radley Collector visited the Nottingham Radley store.

Radley Nottingham

Radley Nottingham Radley Nottingham

When we first arrived at the Radley Store, we were happily surprised to see the setting that this Radley shop sits in. The old building, the architecture and the historic feeling that goes with the City of Nottingham had us impressed.  The location of this Radley store is well chosen. It feels and sits right with what Radley stand for. Great British craftsmanship, and these buildings ooze character and British appeal.

As we walked into the store we were greeted by Lucy, the Store Manager and Stephanie the store assistant. Sue, the Colour Me Beautiful Consultant was also set up in the middle of the store for today’s event. As always we were greeted with nice smile and a relaxed yet polite welcome. We didn’t know the staff here so it was good to see they welcomed us like any customer, with a high standard of customer care.

Lucy is the Store Manager at Nottingham. She has worked with Radley for just over two and a half years. She has been at Radley Nottingham since the branch opened just after she began work at Radley. Lucy has a warm presence and welcoming feel to her. She welcomes and greets people with a friendly manner but not just as a sales person. When she engages the public she is genuine, not just putting a show on for work, and it’s obvious she really enjoys working for Radley.

Susan (left) Colour Me Beautiful Consultant and Lucy (right) Store Manager

Radley Nottingham

In the store today, which is why Radley Collector visited, was the Discover Your Colours event.

Everyone visiting the store today while the event was running, had the opportunity to have a mini colour consultation with a colour expert from the Colour Me Beautiful Team.

The consultant today was Susan Hyde.

Radley Collector chatted to Sue as we had our Colour Consultation and a glass of orange juice.

( Radley Collector was on best behaviour today 😉 ).

Radley Nottingham

Susan is one of the leading image consultants in the Midlands and she covers parts of Derbyshire, Leicestershire and Staffordshire.  She regularly gives talks on colour analysis and has been offering Image Consultations and Style Consultations for many years.

Susan was very friendly and to be honest she boosted our confidence. As Susan went through showing us the colours that do and don’t suit us, she explained what bag colours would look good with our skin tone and hair colour.  Sue had an acute way of reading us very well and you can tell Susan is an excellent people person.  Hearing the explanation on how to tell what bag colour suits your skin and complexion was extremely informative. Knowing we can walk into a shop and go straight to the colours that look best on us is really helpful.

The ColourMeBeautiful and Radley Guide, given to us through our consultation:

Radley CMB

Radley CMB

Radley Collector suits Aubergine and Purples best, deep colours.  As you can see from the guide above, it gives you tips on the colours that suit you, and the bags and styles that suit your colouring and complexion.

We were also given a voucher for £10.00 off a full colour consultation that we can use before September 2013.

Susan Hyde – Colourmebeautiful – Image Consultant –
Website – http://www.ImageAndStyle.co.uk

After our consultation Radley Collector had a good look around the Nottingham Store. The Bright colours this season really do stand out. The decor in this store make it amazing on the eye. The buildings design and architecture really help make this Radley store different from most. The history in the building and the way Radley create a spacious shopping area are in keeping with the whole Radley ambiance. This made it feel enjoyable and relaxing.

Radley Nottingham Radley Nottingham

On our visit we also had a chat with Stephanie, one of the sales assistants working today. Nottingham has a total of 8 staff altogether. Stephanie was bubbly and enthusiastic. She engaged customers as we watched, with confidence and politeness. Stephanie is quite new to working with Radley but it doesn’t show. We asked her what her favourite bag was, and she admitted it had to be the Grosvenor.

Radley Nottingham

The displays in Nottingham were also very appealing. We noticed this store is bigger than the one we visited at Cambridge. They have room for a large display area towards the back of their shop with full size mirrors which we are told customers love to use to see what bag suits them best.

Radley Nottingham

In-store Display

Radley Nottingham Radley Nottingham

Radley Nottingham Radley Nottingham Radley Nottingham Radley Nottingham

What RadleyCollector Says :

Today was an enjoyable event. As ever, the Radley staff were amazing with us. They gave us lots of information and helped us with everything we needed to cover the event.
Susan from ColourMeBeautiful was fantastic too. Radley chose well to use these Image Consultants to pair with for the release of their bright SS13 collections.
The store was clean, well laid out and not cluttered. Customers were buying Radley and seemed happy with the staff.  One customer was very happy to be treating herself to a new bag.  Radley Nottingham is a store which we will be visiting again in the future. We look forward to more events. Remember this event is on until the 16th March. You can check if there is a store hosting one near you here:


Thank you to Lucy, all staff at Radley Nottingham, Susan Hyde from CMB and Radley for letting us visit today, we thoroughly enjoyed it.

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  • Clare Sturgeon
    Posted at 18:36h, 03 August Reply

    Radley no longer have a shop in Nottingham! I travelled from Somerset to Nottingham to visit relations. I searched for the shop and was infomed the shop had closed! They are sold in the John Lewis shop which is found in the Victoria Centre

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 15:28h, 12 August Reply

      That’s a pity. We liked the Nottingham shop and staff a lot when we visited.

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