Radley Preview

Radley Preview – April

Radley Preview – April SS13

radley preview

Today we are having a sneak peak at what will be hitting the Radley Stores and Radley Online in April 2013.

Radley will be introducing the Radley Weaver.

The Weaver collection will consist of Hand-woven Flatland leather occasion wear bags. The set comprises of a clutch bag, cross-body mini bag and a sleek shoulder bag.
The bags will arrive in the colours : Sand Yellow, Cornflower Blue and Shale grey.

Radley Weaver Clutch Bag RRP £159.00

Radley previewRadley Preview


Radley Weaver Cross-body Mini Bag RRP £149.00



Radley PreviewRadley Preview

Radley Weaver Shoulder Bag RRP £189.00

Radley PreviewRadley Preview

All these bags will be released by Radley in April. Once on the radley website, Radley Collector will produce our normal guide of product details, codes, sizes and show more photos.

You will be able to buy these bags from Radley stores and from Radley Online

Radley Collector Says:

These hand-woven Flatland leather bags will appeal to many ladies. The quality of craftsmanship and sleek look will get the attention of many Radley fans. The colours sit well on trend for this year and will suit a spring look.  The Sand Yellow clutch bag will be an ideal accessory for those of us lucky enough to be going on holiday this year.  We can imagine using this style on a warm evening somewhere with brighter weather than the U.K.

The Flatland leather looks soft and we can see why the raw hide supplies are limited as the demand is high.

Nice look Radley. We wouldn’t mind owning a bag from this collection. We would choose Sand Yellow as we feel the Shale Grey is a little dull for our taste. However Shale grey will suit a more professional look. The Cornflower blue can go with most outfits, business or pleasure, team it up with a pair of jeans and flats and you have the perfect look.

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