Radley Rydall

Radley Rydall

Radley Rydall

A new design called Rydall has been added to the 2013 Spring/Summer collection.

This classic Summer weave design is relaxed and features the eye-catching Rory Crichton Thames print lining.

The Rydall bags have a drawstring closure for securing your belongings, and come in two sizes:

Large and Medium bucket tote bag.

The bag also features red leather handles and a hanging red dog tag.

Lets take a close look at both size bags:


Medium Bucket Tote Bag RRP: £59.00

Shop this bag : Radley Online

  • Drawstring closure.
  • A leather scottie dog hangs from the bag.
  • Product code: 62068

Radley Rydall Radley Rydall medium Inside Rydall bag Radley Rydall


Large Bucket Tote Bag RRP : £69.00

Shop this bag : Radley Online

  • Drawstring closure.
  • A leather scottie dog hangs from the bag.
  • Product code: 62069

Rydall bag

Radley Rydall Large Bag  Inside Rydall Bag

Radley Rydall bag large

What Radley Collector Says:

These bags win our heart at Radley Collector. The low price point, the Radley Thames design on the inside, the classic weave summer look and even a hanging red dog tag ticks all the boxes for us.  Shopping a Sunday market in the Summer heat, we can imagine these tote bags being practical and looking fantastic for a casual image.

These will be on our Summer shopping list. Great bags Radley ! Maybe bring out a coin purse to match?


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