radley 2003 armchair signature bag

Radley Signature Armchair

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Radley Signature Armchair 2003

5th Radley Signature bag to be released.

YEAR: 2003

SEASON: Autumn / Winter

NAME: Armchair

DESCRIPTION: Radley Signature Armchair has Radley holding some slippers in front of a fireplace and an armchair. The reverse features a standard lamp with fringed shade. This features handcrafted appliqué on the front with an embossed fleur de lys design. The Radley signature Armchair bag in 2003 was also featured on the original Radley website www.radleybags.co.uk. At the start Radley handpainted some features on these bags, but as manufacturing was taking too long they limited this to the first 50 and then changed to sewn on features.

STYLES RELEASED IN THIS DESIGN: Grab bag x 2 ( one with hand painted features , like the birds and fire and one with sewn on details) and a mini bag. There are 50 Handpainted versions of this bag.

Grab bag: 30cm x 20cm x 10cm approx.
Mini bag: 12cm x 10cm x 4cm approx.

Grab bag RRP: £90.00
Mini bag RRP: £20.00

Grab bag: 52290z
Mini Bag: 52291z


Sewn on Version:

radley 2003 armchair signature bag

Handpainted version:

Radley signature armchair 2003 handpainted


Other Images:
radley signature bag 2003 armchair

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  • Tracey Blyth
    Posted at 22:58h, 28 January Reply

    hi i have a Radley Armchair handpainted bag it is the larger version the no on sticker is either 18 12 or 13 (number at bottom of second numeral is a bit smudged) where can i sell it and how much can i expect to get for it?It is in good condition not been used alot

  • radleycollector
    Posted at 09:30h, 29 January Reply

    Hello Tracy, For a good condition but used handpainted version of Armchair you can expect to get between £130.00 and £200.00 roughly without us seeing pictures. This does fluctuate a little on Ebay. Ebay is good to sell second hand Radley but make sure you get your description correct and offer a returns policy or buyers are wary of buying such expensive bags.

  • Helen Barrett
    Posted at 18:06h, 26 February Reply

    Hello. I have a hand painted 2003 Armchair Radley Bag, grab bag, however no longer has the sticker inside the bag. (I’m thinking I removed this at the time of purchase without knowing the full value of it 10 years on). Would this affect the selling of the bag now?
    Thank you.

  • radleycollector
    Posted at 11:26h, 01 March Reply

    Hello Helen,
    As with any other Radley Signature bag it all goes on the condition of the bag. If you have a MINT hand painted version, based on eBay sales from the last year you can expect between £250 -£350 but it does depend on when you sell and if the collectors are buying at that point in time. Radley eBay sales fluctuate and have spurts of lots of sales and then slow down at other points. The sticker inside wont matter, as it still is one of the first 50 made. They all make the same amount of money for MINT condition.
    You can view this guide for more help on Ebay Prices and Radley Collector is soon to be opening it’s own Market Place with Free to list auctions and small final fees if the item sells.

  • Rosie Wilcox
    Posted at 19:14h, 01 July Reply

    Hi, l’ve inherited this bag and as a vegetarian need to know if it’s leather. Are all Radley bags leather?

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