Radley Signature Beach Hut

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Radley Signature Beach Hut 2002

1st Radley Signature bag to be released.

YEAR: 2002

SEASON: Spring / Summer

NAME: Beach Hut

DESCRIPTION:  The Radley Signature Beach Hut design was the first signature bag by Radley to be released. It features one to four beach huts depending on the size of bag. Radley is standing in the small Beach hut. There is a sand castle on the back of the bags (not the mini bag). The three bags (not the mini bag) have a light blue hanging Radley dog tag attached. The Radley dog tag has a metal eye.

STYLES RELEASED IN THIS DESIGN: Tote Bag, Grab Handle, Grab bag and mini bag.

Tote bag: L38xH27xD10 cm
Shoulder bag: L29xH20xD7 cm
Grab bag: L24xH18xD9 cm
Mini bag: L12xH8xD3 cm

Tote bag RRP:  £99.00
Shoulder bag RRP: £64.99
Grab bag RRP: £55.00
Mini bag RRP: £15.00

Tote bag: 51692
Shoulder bag:  51691 / 50690P
Grab bag: 51690
Mini bag:  51693


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radley beach hut 2002

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