Radley signature bag 2010 sweet pickings

Radley Signature Sweet Pickings

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Radley Signature Sweet Pickings 2010

21st Radley Signature bag to be released.

YEAR: 2010

SEASON:Autumn / Winter

NAME: Sweet Pickings

DESCRIPTION: Radley Signature Sweet Pickings picture bag highlights Radley’s love for bicycles! Radley is out with his bicycle on an Autumnal day, holding a patterned apple which has fallen from a beautiful tree.  Capturing the fun spirit and humour of Radley design with handcrafted leather applique and creative stitch patterns, this bag will be a great addition to any picture bag collection. The Radley classic medium grab bag is crafted from smooth leather.  It has a zip top and a name plate inside which reads “Sweet Pickings AW10”.  Lined with a grosgrain fabric and plenty of pockets for to keep contents safe.

STYLES RELEASED IN THIS DESIGN: Classic medium grab bag, Matinee Flapover with Zip Purse, umbrella (in blue. black and pink), Scarf (in a reddish pink and a grayish blue) & foldaway tote (in a reddish pink and a grayish blue).

Medium classic grab bag: 33cm x 22cm x 10cm approx.
Matinee purse: 19cm x 10cm approx.
Umbrella: 89cm x 17.5cm approx.
Foldaway Tote: 33cm x 40cm x 5cm approx.
Scarf: 180cm x 24cm approx.

Medium classic grab bag RRP: £179.00
Matinee Purse RRP: To be confirmed.
Walker Umbrella RRP: To be confirmed.
Foldaway tote RRP: £20.00
Scarf RRP: £39.00

Medium classic grab bag : 59023z
Matinee Purse : 81899z
Walker Umbrella : 98223
Foldaway tote : 95023z
Scarf : 98423f

ORIGINAL EXTRAS: Dust Bag, Grab bag has an attached coin purse

Radley signature bag 2010 sweet pickings

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radley sweet pickings bag 2010

radley signature sweet pickings radley signature sweet pickings tote bag

radley signature sweet pickings umbrellaradley signature umbrella sweet pickings

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