Radley Skys the Limit

Radley Sky’s the Limit

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Radley Sky’s The Limit

Today we see the release of Radley’s new AW collection. This lovely new range called Sky’s the Limit has key AW colours, finally an iPhone 5 cover and the usual high quality accessories from Radley.

Radley celebrates his birthday with a cute balloon doggie and has a birthday cake with a candle at his feet.


Radley Medium Wallet

Available from Radley Online Here

RRP: £49.00

Radley Purse Radley Purse

Radley Purse Radley Purse


MATERIAL: Soft Leather
FEATURES: Zip compartment, Note currency section, Card section and Clear plastic window for Identity card or pass.
DIMENSIONS: Width 14 cm  x Height 9 cm

 What Radley Collector Says:

The colours for this new range are fantastic and spot on AW13 trend. We love the cute balloon design that Radley is holding. Its a very quirky design and Radley fans will love the colours. The interior colours on the insides of the purse make it as lovely on the inside as the out.



Radley Large Matinee Purse

RRP: £69.00

Available from Radley Online Here

Radley large purse Radley Large purse

Radley Matinee Purse85915a


FEATURES: Fastens with a popper. Zip pocket on the rear of the purse, sections for cards and Note currency, and a zipped fastened coin section.
DIMENSIONS: Width 19 cm x Height 10 cm

 What Radley Collector Says:

Again the interior of these purses is exquisite ! The large matinee purse is always popular with the ladies. So much room to hold everything you need ! £60.00 is also a fantastic price point as we see the same size purse in other designs higher than this. The Radley balloon design works perfectly on this purse.


Radley Small Coin Purse

RRP: £21.00

Available to buy from Radley Online here

Radley Sky's The Limit coin purse Radley Sky's The Limit purse

Radley Sky's The Limit purse

FEATURES: Fastens with a zip. Enough room to fit your coins and folded currency notes. Ideal small purse for when a lady just doesn’t want to carry a large purse around with her.
DIMENSIONS: Width 10cm x Height 6cm

 What Radley Collector Says:

Such a cute edition to this Radley accessories range ! A small coin purse is ideal on a night out where you don’t want to take your full size purse. With enough room to fit your folded notes and coins its idea. The size fit the quirky design on and will fit into your pocket easily. Great price p0int also if you want to give a friend or relative a Radley present without breaking the bank !


Radley pencil case

RRP: £23.00

Available to buy from Radley Online here

radley pencil case Radley Pencil case

Radley Sky's The Limit Pencil Case


FEATURES: Fastens with a zip across the top of the pencil case.
DIMENSIONS: Width 18 cm x Height 5 cm

 What Radley Collector Says:

Do you love Radley and have children? If you are like the staff at Radley Collector and have a little girl that asks constantly for something Radley just like Mummy, then why not let them have this adorable Radley pencil case for all their crayons. A great price and your child will feel special knowing they have a Radley product all of their own !



Radley iPhone 5 Case

RRP: £25.00

Available to buy from Radley Online here

Radley Iphone 5 Case Radley iPhone 5 Case

Radley Iphone 5 Case

FEATURES: iPhone 5 Case. Velcro and leather tab across the top of the case to stop your iPhone sliding out.
DIMENSIONS: Width 8cm x Height 14cm

Radley Collector Says:

Finally Radley fans, an iPhone 5 case ! Fans and collectors have been eagerly waiting for a Radley case to fit their iPhone and now one has arrived ! Keep your phone safe with this lovely iPhone 5 case ! We love the price too as you can pay a lot more for an iPhone 5 case that is far inferior quality and won’t last like a Radley leather one will !

Radley Blackberry Case

RRP: £25.00

Buy from Radley Online here

radley blackberry case radley blackberry case

radley blackberry case

FEATURES: Radley Blackberry case, Fits U.K standard Blackberry. Leather Velcro tab at the top to stop your Blackberry sliding out.
DIMENSIONS: Width 9cm x Height 12cm

Radley Collector Says:

Show off your Blackberry in style. Again this quirky design looks great on this small leather case for a Blackberry. We do love how all phone cases in this range have the Velcro tab at the top as its so easy for a phone to slide out without one.


Radley Kindle Cover

RRP: £39.00

Available to view or buy at Radley Online

radley sky's the limit kindle case radley kindle cover

radley kindle cover

FEATURES: Fits the Kindle 4. Fastens with a zip.
DIMENSIONS: Width 19cm x Height 13cm

Radley Collector Says:

A great way to protect your Kindle and we love this has a zip around the case to keep it secure and from falling out. The price of £39.00 is very reasonable for a Radley case of this size and again you can show off your Kindle in style !


Radley iPad Cover

RRP: £49.00

Available to view or buy on Radley online

radley ipad cover Radley Sky's The Limit ipad cover

Radley Sky's The Limit ipad cover


FEATURES: Fits the iPad 2. Fastens with a zip around the top and one side.
DIMENSIONS: Width 25cm x Height 20cm

Radley Collector Says:

iPad cases can run expensive from different brands. £49.00 for a Radley leather case is a fantastic price. Not only are you showing off your iPad in style with this gorgeous Sky’s the Limit accessories range, you are paying a great price for quality leather by a brand you can trust. The only comment on this design is it’s a shame the Radley dog appears so small on the size of this iPad case. He could have been made a bit larger to look better .

Radley Collector Conclusion:

The Radley Sky’s the Limit accessories range is quirky and appealing. the prices sit well for that products they cater for. We love the idea of Radley celebrating his birthday and having a doggy balloon. Radley always tell a story with their products and this line is no different. We love the ontrend colours and we are so pleased a Radley iPhone case is finally available. Fans will be happy !


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