Radley Thames

Thames is a recent addition to the Radley range, and some new products in this range will be officially launched for the SS13 collection in January. However some of the Thames items are available now.

The line is based on a lovely print by London based textile designer Rory
Crichton. Rory has an incredible list of clients including Louis Vuitton, Givenchy and
Gucci to name only a few.  A tremendous pedigree for working with Radley we think you’ll

Rory has given our favourite scottie dog a hand sketched makeover that gives Radley even more character. It gives the Radley Thames products a sense of heritage, and yet looks bright and modern at the same time.

Radley Thames

The bags and purses in this line are made from canvas with a bright red leather trim that is eyecatching and works in contrast to the black and ivory of the elderflower print. We believe the neutral colour of this line with the bright trim makes this design a must to add to your shopping list, as it simply looks great.

There will be a black version of this line also, with the ivory of the canvas in black instead, but we’re assuming we won’t see these until January.

Update 15.01.13:  Thames Wellington Boots and Thames mug have arrived.

See the full lines available from Radley Online, John Lewis and House of Fraser

Printed Wellingtons

Printed Wellies (sku:20326) £40.00 from Radley Online

The Wellies are only available in the black variant of Thames so far, but all sizes are in stock, and these are priced very reasonably so get them to keep your feet dry in these snowy days.

Radley Thames Wellies Radley Thames Wellies Radley Thames Wellies

Porcelain Mug

Single Mug (sku: 85605) £12.00 from Radley Online

Thames Single Mug

Wash Bag

Small Wash bag bag (sku: 85792) £29.00 from Radley Online

Made from water resistant Oilskin, this bag at W14 x H22 x D8 cm is big enough and hard wearing enough to hold your essentials.

Radley Thames Small Wash Bag

Large Tote

Large Tote (sku: 61949) £129.00 from Radley Online .
This spacious large tote with the dimensions : W54 x H31 x D15 cm is a practical addition to any ladies handbag collection. It’s long handles make it comfortable to wear and with the striking design and hanging red Radley Dog Tag everyone will know you are wearing a Radley.

Radley Thames large tote

Large Zip Around Purse

Large Zip Around Purse (sku:85762) £39.00 from Radley Online .
With the dimensions W18 x H10 cm, this large zip purse is ideal to fit your coins and even a lipstick inside. Ideal for a day or night out when you just dont want to carry a bag.

Small Zip Around Purse

Small Zip Around Purse (sku:85761) £25.00 from Radley Online .
The small zip purse, W11 x H9 cm is ideal for carrying coins and also a great buy for smaller budgets and great as a present.

Radley thames

Travel Card Holder

Travel Card Holder (sku:85760) £15.00 from Radley Online .
This cute little travel card holder W8 x H11 cm is decorated on the front with a sweet Radley dog print while the back features a clear window ideal for ID or your travel pass. Again ideal price range for little santa or birthday gifts.

 Large Workbag

Large Workbag (sku: 61948) £119.00 from Radley Online. Also available from John Lewis and House of Fraser (called Canvas Large Tote bag by John Lewis and Large Ns Tote by House of Fraser)
This Zip fastening lightweight canvas work bag features two large zip pockets on either outer edge, perfect for documents and a roomy interior for your laptop and other work essentials.

Handbag Hanger

(sku: 85606) £19.00 from Radley Online

Medium Across Body Bag

(sku: 61946) £69.00 from Radley Online

Small Mirror

(sku: 85609) £29.00 from Radley Online and from John Lewis, Not available from House of Fraser


Kindle Cover

(sku: 85612) £39.00 from John Lewis and House of Fraser

Medium Grab Bag

(sku: 61947) £79.00 from House of Fraser and from John Lewis

(Called Medium Multi Zip Handbag by John Lewis)

iPhone case

£29.00.  Out of stock from House of Fraser and from John Lewis.

Blackberry Case

(sku: 85607) £29.00 from House of Fraser.

iPad Cover

(sku: 856147) £49.00 from Radley Online.  Also available from House of Fraser

Designs in the Thames range that we know are going to be released:




Foldaway Tote


Small Barrel Bag – we don’t have a picture of yet

Black versions of Thames

All in all, this is an exciting addition to the Radley line, and we’re looking forward to seeing more in January when they’re officially released.

All details of availability are correct at the time of writing, and we will update this post with product availability often. In case you’re wondering how popular Thames is, in the space of an afternoon from starting to write this article to checking the content at the end, 2 items sold out completely, forcing us to change details we had written a few hours previously.

Thames is popular, get it while you can.

To see the whole line on their sites here are the links:

Radley Online

House of Fraser

John Lewis

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