radley birthday background

RC Birthday Background

Radley Collector 1st Birthday Desktop Background and Facebook Cover

For the first Radley Collector Birthday we decided to create a Birthday Desktop background and Facebook background. Hope you enjoy using these as much as we did drawing them !

Birthday Background


radley collector birthday


Normal Screen : 1024 x 768  1280 x 1024  1600 x 1200

Wide Screen : 1280 x 720  1280 x 800  1920 x 1080


Birthday Facebook Cover

How to save this image for Facebook: Click the image so you can see the full size image. Right click on the image and select “save images as” and then save to your computer. Then upload to Facebook in your normal way for cover photos.

Radley Collector Birthday Facebook


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How do I use these as my desktop background?

You can set the wallpapers as your desktop background in one of two ways.

Click on the links for the picture you like and the desired size for your screen resolution and open them up in full size.

Once you have done this, right click on the image. Then you can either choose Save Image As.. and save the file onto your computer and follow the steps below for the operating system you have, or you can right click and choose the option Set as desktop background…

To change the desktop background in Windows Vista and Windows 7:

  1. Open Desktop Background by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Personalization, click Personalization, and then click Desktop Background.
  2. Click the picture or colour you want for your desktop background.If the picture you want to use is not in the list of desktop background pictures, click the Picture location down arrow to view other categories, or click Browse to search for the picture on your computer. When you find the picture you want, double-click it. It will become your desktop background and appear in the list of desktop backgrounds.
  3. Under How should the picture be positioned, choose to have the picture fit the screen, tile, or be centered on the screen, and then click OK.

To change the Desktop background in Windows XP:

1. Click Start, click Control Panel, click Appearance and Themes, and then click Display
2. On the Desktop tab, do one or more of the following:

  • Click a picture in the Background list. In Position, click Center, Tile, or Stretch.
  • Click Browse to search for a background picture in other folders or on other drives. You can use files with the following extensions: .bmp, .gif, .jpg, .dib, .png, .htm. In Position, click Center, Tile, or Stretch.
  • Select a colour from Desktop colour. The colour fills the space not used by a picture.

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Radley Collector is a unofficial Fansite. A collector’s portal that tries its hardest to get the most accurate information about the Radley Brand.
We cannot accept responsibility if any information is not accurate.
Please contact us if you feel you have more accurate information to add to our library for Radley Collectors. Thank you
Please Note
We give permission for you to use the collection of information we have gathered (eg on your ebay sales or your blog) but we request you display the following:
Information guide – Courtesy of Radley Collector ( https://www.radleycollector.com )
This shows the source and gives us credit for the hard work we have put into our guides.
It also helps spread the word about Radley Collector and gives your readers or sellers reassurance that the information is accurate and genuine.
If you do not link to our site, we refuse permission for use.  We have worked hard to gather all this information for collectors and believe they deserve an accurate information portal for Radley.
Thank you

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