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Sneaky Peaks for July – Radley Bags 2013

Radley London 2013

Radley Bags 2013

As we have said before Radley release new collections from their A/W 2013 collection on the 15th July. Its a very exciting time for Radley fans !

So lets have a look at some of what we are expecting to be released. As you know Radley Collector attended the A/W Radley Press event, so we were lucky enough to see some of these bags up close and Radley fans you are in for a treat !

The quality, the reverting to the Radley Heritage and the craftsmanship is impeccable. We can’t wait to get our hands on these bags and accessories again. The A/W 2013 collection is one fans will fall in love with. From Radley Streets Of London to Radley to the classic Dome shaped lady like bags, there is something for everyone in this collection. We are going to see Harris tweed again and we know the 2013 A/W Radley Signature Bag is not many months away either ! Its very exciting !

So lets have a few sneaky peaks at some of what is coming out on the 15th.

Radley Edale and Radley Hensall

Radley Edale and Radley Hensall - Radley Bags 2013


Radley Zip Top Pouch

radley 2013 zip pouch


Radley Parklife

Radley Parklife


Safari Chic

Safari Chic Radley


More Radley Streets of London

Radley Streets Of London Suitcase Radley Streets Of London Wellies


What Radley Collector says:

This is just a small preview of what to expect this July. Radley Collector can’t wait to see all the new lines ! People often ask us what we predict  that will become a hit and what the fans will go mad for… Well in our opinion, the Streets of London Wellies are going to be snapped up ! These low ankle boots are fantastic and solve the problem some ladies have with the normal height wellies not being wide enough.

We also believe that Park Life is going to be popular. The light weight nylon bags are a great alternative to leather bags and the designs are so unique. Ladies will love the individuality of these bags. One last note, the Dome shape and classic shape bags in Peacock and Spice are also going to fly, they are so elegant with a touch of history and style. We love them, so on trend for A/W 2013 !

All the above ranges will available from Radley Online and in Radley stores from July 15th


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