William Grill Radley Streets Of London

William Grill Interview

Radley Collector Interview – William Grill

William Grill Radley Streets Of London

As many of the Radley Collector fans know we were lucky enough to attend this years A/W 2013 Radley Press preview. Whilst we were there we were lucky enough to meet William Grill. William is one of the young artists Radley have chosen to work with this season as a young artist collaboration. Will has designed the new Radley Streets Of London Collection.

After Radley Collector met the artist himself we were lucky enough to arrange an interview with this talented artist. Read below what William had to say about his experiences at Radley and as an artist.

When did you start as an Artist?

I started supporting myself as a freelance illustrator in July 2012.

What’s your earliest memory of creating art?

I drew bits and pieces at a really young age like most children, but the most vivid early memory of enjoying drawing was back in junior school spending ages trying to draw a pineapple.

How would you describe your art style? and how has it evolved?

I would say my style is somewhat ‘naive’, though still informed. Frustratingly my best drawings are the ones where I’m not thinking too much, or when I’m out using my sketchbook. I suppose work has become freer over time, I’m always thinking about colour, but right now I’m trying to push mark making in my work more. Recently I set up a blog specifically for this here: http://panachecollective.tumblr.com/  

William Grill - Radley Streets Of London

Who is your favourite artist?  Tell us about your influences.

It changes from time to time, but right now probably the American illustrator Saul Steinberg, his drawings have a lot of charm and you can see in his work he had quite a unique sense of humour.

Most of my influences come from quite indirect places rather than designers or artists. A lot of the time it’s just from looking closely at what’s immediately around me. Just walking along the canal into town and there’s 100 things to leave an imprint in your head. Taste has a large part to play in this too, the music, films, photos, design values, opinions that you fill your subconscious with make decisions all the time.

How were you discovered by Radley?

Luckily they noticed my work at New Designers show in Islington.

Are you happy with what Radley has done with your artwork?

Yea I’m really happy. I’m used to seeing work in 2D so it’s amazing to see.

Radley Streets Of London

How do you feel the launch of products based on your artwork as done by Radley?

The launch itself was a lot of fun – lots of drawing! I think it’s been successful; the drawings themselves seem very in tune with Radley’s image.

What is your favourite piece Radley and you have created?

The Wellington boots!

William Grill - Radley Streets Of London

Do you have any other art styles? and how do you choose your  subjects?

Not really, although I do enjoy printmaking (lino), but it’s been a while since I’ve had the chance to make a mess. Choosing a subject is really quite unpredictable – most of the time it comes from something I’ve drawn carelessly in my sketchbook. However some days something will particularly strike you (the variety of clouds in the sky for example), drawing can be a good way of making sense of things.

What are your future project plans?

The biggest project right now is my children’s book – Shackleton’s Journey, it’s due out early January so keep your eyes peeled!

Have you any advice for up and coming artists?

Be patient and keep persisting. Remember to be genuine about your work and enjoy it.

Any final words for Radley fans?

I hope you enjoy the new range! Thanks!

William Grill - Radley Streets Of London

Follow William Grills work the following ways:

Website: http://www.williamgrill.co.uk/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/williamgrill

Blog: http://williamgrill.blogspot.co.uk/

Radley Collector Says:

We would like to give huge thanks to Will for taking the time to do this interview for us. Radley Collector love sharing this with the Radley fans. It gives fans and collectors a look at the artist behind this fantastic Radley new collection.

Radley Streets Of London is already proving popular. More of the Streets Of London range is due to be released today (15th July 2013) but from what has already been released (see guide here) fans are going mad for these unique designs. Also today we will be publishing the details on all the new products on sale from the Radley Streets Of London Collection, so keep your eyes open !

Thank you William !



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