avoid fake radley on ebay

How to avoid Fake Radley on Ebay

avoid fake radley on ebay

Fake Radley on Ebay

Over the years as Radley have become more and more popular, inevitably fraudsters have started producing fake or replica Radley products. Unfortunately Ebay is a prime target for these fake sellers because they know collectors need certain pieces from old ranges and they can only buy these from eBay and other second hand sites. It’s these types of fraudsters that give good genuine sellers of Radley on eBay a bad name and provide the need to produce a guide such as this.

So how will I know if its fake?

Sometimes its very hard to spot a fake Radley and other times its as easy as pie. Follow the simple guidelines below and these should help you decide if the seller can be trusted and if the product is genuine.

1. Inspect the Seller

Firstly have a close look at the seller of the Radley product. Inspect their feedback and look at recent transactions. This will give you a good indication of the sellers reputation and if they are trusted and reliable among other people purchasing from them. Don’t be afraid to even message the seller and ask them about their history with Radley and how long they have been selling Radley. All reputable sellers on eBay selling Radley should make time to answer your questions. Their reputation of selling genuine Radley relies on keeping buyers happy and selling genuine products.

2. Check Auction Time

Next, check how long the auction is lasting. eBay are very good at removing fake Radley products but when the seller only lists them for 1-3 days they have often ended or been sold before eBay can remove them and deal with reports of a fake products from experienced Radley Collectors. So always opt for auctions of 7 plus days.

3. Check Sellers Returns Policy

The sellers returns policy – Does the seller have one? Will the seller give you a full refund if you are not fully satisfied? If the seller does not have a returns policy listed it can mean numerous things but we believe its either , one – they have forgotten to list it, and if you message them they will give you confirmation if they do or do not accept returns or two – they are selling a fake. Don’t get us wrong, some genuine people may sell Radley without offering a returns policy, but do you really want to risk buying a product if you can’t send it back if its not what you thought it should be? Don’t be frightened to message them and ask.

So you’ve bought your bag, and it’s arrived. How can you be sure it’s a genuine Radley? Unfortunately there’s no way to 100% guarantee it. There is plenty of information on the internet about spotting fake Radley bags, but there’s still no guarantee since the manufacturers have access to the same internet pages, and can have changed their way of making them to make them harder to identify.

Radley Dog Tags

Radley changed their hanging Dog Tag in 2010/2011.  So any bag from 2010 or earlier should have an old style dogtag.

Old genuine Radley dog tag style:

The hanging dog tags, always hang with leather cord, not metal or string. The dogs eye is in proportion to the dogs body and the embossed RADLEY is clear and is in the middle and sized correctly to the eye.

New genuine Radley dog tag style:

In 2011, Radley introduced the new style tag.

radley genuine tag

More Genuine Radley:

Most guides on how to avoid fake Radley list the below dog tag as a fake. Its actually NOT a fake ! It is not a dog tag at all. It is a pin badge that comes from the Radley scarfs and hats. If there is a hanging dog tag like below with no Radley Embossed into it, then yes its fake as genuine hanging dog tags always have the words RADLEY embossed into the hanging tag BUT these below are not hanging dog tags and therefore are GENUINE RADLEY.


fake radley tag

genuine radley pin badge

Fake Radley dog Tag:

Metal eye is too big compared to the Radley body. The word Radley does not look right, its not wide enough or placed in the middle correctly.

fake radley dog tag


Radley inside tag:

The Radley Tag inside the bag is equally important.  If the bag was available up to and including the Autumn/Winter 2004 collection it has the old style tag inside, with the exception of Cottage which has an individually numbered tag.

From Spring/Summer 2005 until Spring/Summer 2008, the tag was changed to a metal Radley.

For Autumn/Winter 2008 the metal Radley became a holographic metal Radley that changes colour when moved to combat Radley fakes.  Click the picture below for a better look at it.

For 2009, Radley has a single stitch in the centre like here from Radley Get Me Outta Here.

Some bags, often signature bags, limited editions and other special bags do not have a standard tag inside, like Beside the Seaside, Sweet Pickings and Port of Call, yet another tag was used, a metal plate with the name of the bag and the season.

More recent bags use a small leather tag with Radley embossed, shown here from Happy Camper:


The latest Radley bags have a tag like this:

newest tag

Things to look for:

  • Check the Radley price tag, does it look genuine? Radley have a distinctive price tag.

avoid fake radley on ebay    avoid fake radley on ebay

  • Examine the bag carefully. Is the stitching up to Radley standards?
  • Is the dogtag correct, the right sized rivet for Radley’s eye, and Radley stamped on it?
  • Is the interior lining right for that model of bag?  Radley use very distinctive materials for some of their bags and purses. check online to see if it matches what should be there.
  • Does it come with a dust bag? Is the bag material correct?

A couple of rather easy to tell fakes:


This bag’s dogtag doesn’t have 5 stitches on his back, and his eye is too large.  It’s also tied on by some cord, and not the normal leather Radley uses.  The interior is plain black, unlike Radley’s distinctive linings.


Ever seen a dogtag like this one? We certainly haven’t.

A rather nicely made fake, but a fake nonetheless….


photo 1 photo 2


The Dogtag has a hole drilled in his back, and is held on by a chain, not a leather thong about his neck.  A metal plate on the front saying Radley, the black interior lining and lack of an interior label.

Photos courtesy of C. Griffin.

How about this for a copy of 2007’s By the seaside?

fake seaside

 More fake Radley:

fake radleyfake radley bag

fake radley bag

Two fake purses:


and 2 genuine purses below, note the position of the Radley London wording:


Remember, If in doubt, don’t buy it, because buying fakes makes Radley doggies cry…


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  • Sandra Gosling
    Posted at 12:48h, 12 June Reply

    Have being purchasing Radley for a number of years

  • radleycollector
    Posted at 18:45h, 12 June Reply

    What do you love best about Radley Sandra?

  • janette pink
    Posted at 16:27h, 24 September Reply

    I have just bought a radley purse it had a dog embossed the words radley with london underneath I am not sure its real..help

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 20:20h, 24 September Reply

      Hi Janette, just sent you an email to see if we can help.

  • Jackie Warden
    Posted at 09:59h, 28 October Reply

    Please people, is there a comprehensive gallery of all the Radley bags produced over the years? I am new to Radley and very confused with what is on offer on ebay.

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 15:24h, 04 February Reply

      Hello Jackie, There isn’t one yet but it is something we want to put together but as you can imagine it is a very large job, so just continue to keep looking at this website. Thank you

  • Chrissie
    Posted at 19:41h, 14 November Reply

    Hello to all, i do see a few fake Radleys on Ebay. If you are not sure please don’t buy. I have reported such items on Ebay. This can include bags, purses,wallets and any small leather goods. Buyer beware. Research first. Know what you are buying. And please check the sellers feedback before bidding. i hope this helps.

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 15:24h, 04 February Reply

      Thats very good advice Chrissie, Thank you

  • Amy
    Posted at 17:09h, 16 November Reply

    Hi could you help me please? I have bought an iPad cover off of eBay (melody) and I’m not convinced its real. The patterned the same but spears to be positioned differently to pictures I’ve seen online. I’m not convinced its real leather as it doesn’t smell like it and it’s extremely smooth. However it came in a radley box with a dust bag and tags etc. if I sent you a picture could you give me your opinion please?? Thank you!

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 15:25h, 04 February Reply

      We have emailed you Amy to get more information and pictures, thank you, RC

  • bernadette barton
    Posted at 19:56h, 08 January Reply

    Ive just a radley handbag of ebay and the small lable inside says made in india it also has a small strip of holigraphic radley dogs on the small lable is this genuine of fake

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 15:27h, 04 February Reply

      We have emailed you Bernadatte. It is very common for genuine Radley products to have a made in India label and Radley did do holigraphic Radley dogs on the inside for AW 2008.

  • rachael
    Posted at 13:25h, 14 March Reply

    I’ve bought a bag off ebay and it has a tag inside saying made in China? fake?!

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 13:54h, 14 March Reply

      Not necessarily Rachael. Some Radley bags are made in China. We’ve emailed you to get more details.

  • Gillian Heyes
    Posted at 19:49h, 05 June Reply

    Ive bought two bags from a charity shop and now wondering if one is a fake as the label stitch tag inside the bag have metal dogs one of the dogs says Radley and the other one doesn’t but both have it printed on the leather tag.
    hope someone can help
    many thanks

  • jo
    Posted at 17:02h, 09 June Reply

    Hi I have acquired a Radley bag and would really like some help to know if its genuine or not. I looked at your pics of how to spot a fake and all seems correct but I would like to make sure. Thanks

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 09:33h, 16 June Reply

      Hope the answer helps Jo.
      A nice Alice Hobo for £5 from a charity shop, what a bargain.

  • Anne Bell
    Posted at 11:35h, 10 July Reply

    If the small metal dog is facing to the right is it a fake?

  • Julia
    Posted at 23:16h, 10 July Reply

    Just purchased a used radley bag on eBay. The dog inside the bag is leather in a leather square and the outside is a leather square which says radley London. I’ve had radley s before and they all had a leather cord inside to pin your keys to but this one don’t. It didn’t come with a dust bag but does have the beige needle cord material inside. It has some hanging pink bits on black leather hanging from front of the bag with a small plain metal dog with nothing written on it. Does it sound genuine or fake? I can email a pic if it helps. Thanks so much, would like an opinion before I leave feedback.

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 09:42h, 06 December Reply

      We have emailed you Julia. Thank you

  • Niki Harris
    Posted at 18:07h, 31 July Reply

    I just bought an old leather backpack style bag in a charity shop. The label says Radley, and it is beatifully made, there is no dog on the label (which is also leather), but I read somewhere that the dog wasn’t used initially…how do I find out if it is genuine or not?

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 10:01h, 08 August Reply

      Having looked at Niki’s pictures, we’re happy to say that Niki managed to pick up a 1999-2000 Radley backpack for a bargain £1.00. What a great find Niki.

  • Craig Duffy
    Posted at 23:51h, 08 September Reply

    Hi can you tell me if this bag is fake its brown regent model60582e

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 09:42h, 06 December Reply

      WE have emailed you Craig, We need more information, photos etc thank you x

  • M.Louise
    Posted at 09:34h, 23 October Reply

    There are currently a lot of Radley Teatime purses appearing on ebay (correct at 22/10/14) I remember this recent design as it was a particular favourite and thought it was only produced in 3 distinct colours. Now many are appearing in pinks, purples, and combinations of colours I don’t recognise. I’m pretty sure they are fakes. Also the wording of Radley isn’t very well produced and the leather on the end of the zip isn’t rounded like it should be. Can you please give an expert opinion? Several sellers are selling them and these all appeared suddenly on ebay at the same time. I reported this to ebay but they are all still for sale.

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 13:54h, 23 October Reply

      Hi there. We’ve just had a look at all the versions of Teatime on ebay. Without having the purses in our hands we’re unable to 100% say if these are counterfeit or not, but from looking at the images, these do appear to be genuine.
      Radley have in the past done variant colours of items (or entire ranges of items) that do not get released either online or in the stores, but instead get sent straight to outlet stores. We would suspect that someone has gone to an outlet and purchased a large bunch of these for resale on ebay.

  • Ash
    Posted at 18:30h, 25 December Reply

    Hi we have just picked up a Radley bag in the inside it say radley below that London on the outside it as a metal dog with non colour collar it as a flower the leather feels real and well made can u confirm please thanks

  • linda
    Posted at 13:15h, 16 January Reply

    I have just purchased a Radley round compact mirror ‘The Great Outdoors’ from ebay. I am swaying between genuine or not. The seller’s feedback was very good. However, the mirror seems to fit very tightly into the case which does not seem right to me. Some mirrors seem to have a leather strap attaching the mirror to the case. This one doesn’t. Is there something I can look for that would tell me if a mirror is fake or genuine please?

  • Elaine
    Posted at 15:29h, 23 January Reply

    I have bought a Radley scarf off ebay and I need to know if it is genuine. Can you email me and I’ll send you photos. Thanks

    • radleycollector
      Posted at 09:26h, 31 January Reply

      Hello Elaine, can you email some photos to admin@radleycollector.com please and we will help you the best we can, thank you x

  • Amy wood
    Posted at 16:37h, 16 March Reply

    My mum has purchased a bag on eBay and I’m not convinced it’s genuine can you help I have photos but the dog has mysteriously disappeared apparently.

  • Paula
    Posted at 21:17h, 17 March Reply

    Hi have small pink rattan bag but says made in China inside my other bags don’t help… thanks

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